Milk Instructor : Daddy’s Milk 6

Hucow Lactation Daddy Daughter Milking Breast Feeding Adult Nursing Taboo Incest XXX Erotica

by Tori Westwood

Daddy's teaching me to drive and he's taken me down a secluded road to practice my emergency stop.  When I do my first one something happens when the seatbelt pulls across my chest.  I look down to my breasts and see a liquid soaking through the fabric of my tank top.  On closer inspection it appears to be milk and suddenly Daddy becomes very interested indeed!  Soon he's giving me an amazing milking and we wind up doing something even more taboo!


Daddy held his cock and moved closer to me, shuffling across the seat until my tits were close to his throbbing length.

He gripped his dick in his hand and began to rub it over my milky nipple, splaying a little of the white liquid across the end of his tip.

Then he lifted his cock to my mouth and looked down expectantly.  I knew exactly what to do and in no time at all I was tasting my own milk along Daddy's dick as it pressed its way to the back of my throat.

"Fuck, that feels so good, Jess," he said, stroking my blonde hair to the side and looking down at me.

I stretched a hand up his t-shirt and wandered my fingers over his washboard abs, keen now to see what else Daddy had to offer.

He lifted the shirt over his head and I watched as his stomach tightened, flashing his muscles at me with a body that belied his years.


I slipped him from my mouth and stared down at his wet cock.  "I think I'm in love," I said, staring at it and directing it back down to my breast.

I placed it near my nipple again and this time it was Daddy's hand that squeezed my tits, sending a jet of milk along his length which I quickly brought to my mouth to clean off.

"Oh, Jess," Daddy moaned, watching down himself as his daughter fired warm spirals of her love all over his manhood.

I did it several more times, bringing him to my chest and letting him milk me across his long cock before swilling it around my mouth and tonguing my cream from him.

It was after that I realized my hand had found its way to my crotch and I was smoothing through my yoga pants, rubbing along the loose flesh of my pussy as Daddy drained me and I swallowed his dick.

My tits were still leaking as Daddy broke from me, stretching his legs into the foot well and kicking off his jeans.  He sat naked beside me now, his hands fondling my tits as I slid my pants down my legs, taking my thong with them and rolling them both all the way off my ankles.

I was breathing heavily now, sat next to him and both completely naked in the front of the truck, drunk with lust and about to do something crazy.

I brought my legs up on the long front seat and Daddy moved to let them fall either side of him, taking a good look at my hot pussy as he saw it for the first time.

"That looks delicious," he said, looking at the glistening, wet slit as it tempted him towards it.

"You can try it if you like," I replied, splitting my legs confidently and giving it a rub with my fingers.


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