Mega Bestiality Blowout 30-Pack

by Jade Summers

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If you've been looking for the ultimate bestiality bundle, then look no further. This mega pack is filled with 30 stories of women (and one man) having sex with dogs, horses, gorillas, a pig. There are gangbangs with multiple dogs, gorillas, and some humans thrown in the mix; drugged threesomes; mind-controlled domination; lesbians with double-ended dildos; lactation; breeding; and loving relationships between humans and animals.

With so much naughtiness to choose from you can't go wrong!

The thirty stories in this mega pack include every story from my Beastly Blowout Animal Sex 10-Packs Vol 1, 2, & 3:

Bred and Milked by Gorillas
Gorilla Gangbang
Hypno Gorilla
Stripped and Milked at the Zoo
Dogwalker Gangbang
Drugged at the Doggie Daycare
I Hypnotized My Sister to Fuck Me and My Dog
My Dog Turned Me Into a Puppy Farm
Milk Slave to My Pitbull
Doggie Likes to Suck
Milked by the Doberman
Milk Slave on the Dog Farm
Dominated by the Doberman
Caught! Fucking the Neighbor’s Dogs
Caught! Breeding with the Neighbor’s Dogs
Caught! With Dog Cock in My Mouth
Caught! Knotted with My Boss’s Dog
Porked and Impregnated by the Pig
Hungry for Horse Cock
Falling for the Stallion
Obeying Her Master
All Holes Filled by the Team
Doggie Gave Me Puppies for Xmas
More Than a Man: A Stallion Love Story
Caught! On Camera Fucking a Dog
Filled by the Stallion: A Stallion Pregnancy Story
Seduced by the Bitch
Filling My Dog's Pussy
Eating for Eight: A Puppy Pregnancy Story
Loving the Litter: A Puppy Pregnancy Story


From My Dog Turned Me Into a Puppy Farm:

I felt his cold, wet nose is it examined my asshole and my pussy, sniffing and licking up my pussy juices. Then I felt his warm, soft tongue move in an out of my folds and as he forced it in and out of my pussy. I wiggled my ass in the air and gyrated my hips as Jonesy's tongue dove into me. I could feel his soft fur rubbing up against my thighs as he pressed his nose and mouth as far into my pussy as he could.

Not long after that Jonesy mounted me, his strong paws holding me down as they dug into my back. I felt the head of his enormous cock as it pushed into my opening, then I screamed out as the thick head forced its way into me. With each thrust his cock moved deeper and deeper into me until it was slamming into my cervix. I screamed as my pussy was being filled up by my dog's enormous cock.


But then the feeling of fullness became more intense. I felt his cock growing larger inside of me. I had never experienced a sensation like it before in my life. With each thrust his cock seemed to grow larger and larger, like a balloon was being blown up inside my pussy. I could feel that his cock was so large that there was no way that he would be able to pull it out and it was then that I realized that he was knotting inside of me.

From Falling for the Stallion:

When I graduated from high school, my uncle let me work on his farm so I moved up there and was around Lance every day and night. It was magical, but there was a part of me that always felt that something was missing. I never told anyone about my fantasies … any human, that is. In the evenings I would stand next to Lance and whisper my fantasies into his ear and would rest my head on his until I would practically fall asleep standing up. I know it’s crazy, but I really felt like he understood what I was telling him.

One night when I was brushing his mane, Lance started stomping and acting nervous. I kept talking to him in a soothing voice, but everything I did seemed to make him more agitated. Finally, I looked down and saw what the problem was. Lance was in heat and his two foot long cock was unsheathed and was sticking out underneath him. I was in shock. I’d dreamt of this moment my whole life, and now that I was in the presence of a massive horse cock, I wasn’t sure what to do.

I decided to use this opportunity to explore, so I got down on my knees and touched the tip of his cock with my fingers. A deep sound came from Lance and his agitation stopped, so I was sure this was what he was trying to communicate. He just had no way of telling me.

I wrapped my hands around the enormous head, then moved them down the shaft and felt Lance thrusting into me gently. When both of my hands were moving slowly up and down the shaft, I touched my tongue to the head of his cock. It was soft and salty and I loved it. It was way too big for me to put my mouth around, so I ran my lips and tongue around the head while I continued to move my hands up and down the shaft. It wasn’t long at all before Lance’s cock grew even larger and more rigid.

From Milk Slave on the Dog Farm:

I was too into much of a daze to understand what was going on, but I felt my pussy completely exposed as my other leg was pulled in the opposite direction and secured so that I couldn’t close my legs together. My ass was pressed up into the air and my legs were spread wide apart and I couldn’t move an inch.

Mark walked around the table in front of me and crouched down so that we were at eye level.

“I know about the credit card bill, Jackie. I know that you went back on your promise.”

I squirmed in the cuffs, my stomach rubbing against the soft carpeted table, but I couldn’t move my arms or legs at all.

“You're going to pay that money back, Jackie.  You’re going to work all of that money off right here in this kennel. Every last cent."

“W-what? What you mean …" I said as I looked at my husband in a dreamy haze.

“I gave you some pills, Jackie. Pills that make you produce milk and a pill this morning so that you wouldn’t fight me. You’re going to stay right here and you're going to feed these dogs until you've worked off all of the money you racked up on that credit card.”

“What are you talking about? Feed them what?"

I screamed out as my husband’s fingers pinched both of my nipples. He picked both breasts up again and then let them drop. The pain of the full weight of my breasts suddenly dropping shot through my body. Mark just watched them jiggle and sway for another minute, then stood up.

“You'll see."

From Doggie Gave Me Puppies for Xmas

"What are you doing?" I squealed as I glanced down at the massive cock that had emerged from his fur. "Captain McFuzz! Get down!" But even as the words came out of my mouth I knew I didn't mean them. I'd stopped squirming and trying to get him off of me, and I was starting to wonder what it would feel like to have that huge cock fill me up.

I couldn't believe what I was thinking, though. I'd never thought about having sex with any dog, but suddenly here I was with a horny wolfhound on top of me, and I wanted every inch of that massive dog cock of his inside me. I wanted to feel that thing knot up and expand and make me scream.

I felt like my body was moving on autopilot somehow as I removed my t-shirt and panties, like my limbs had a mind of their own. Then, without me realizing what was going on, I spread my legs wide and held my thighs so that my entire pussy was offered up to Captain McFuzz.

From More Than a Man: A Stallion Love Story

I leaned back with my hands behind me and spread my legs wide. I could see how excited Riley was getting. Not just by the way he stomped his feet and the noises he made, but also because his massive cock was growing longer and thicker by the second. My eyes grew wide and I gasped when I peeked around his legs at the monstrosity. It didn’t seem possible, but I was sure that it measured a full three feet long.

Riley could see that I was interested in examining his cock, so he brought his front hooves up onto the table. His massive member was suddenly there right in front of me.

I touched the soft, pink skin gently, which sent him into a bit of a frenzy. I could tell he was very excited to continue. My hands slid around the impossibly thick shaft while I lowered my lips to the flared head. I opened my mouth and ran my tongue around the ridge, then sucked as much of it in as I could.

From Filling My Dog’s Pussy: A Dude on Female Dog Story

But now that we were all alone, I started to wonder if it really would be so wrong. Couples were allowed to do what they wanted in private, and that’s exactly what it felt like we were now. A couple. I would never in a million years hurt Little Sweetie, and if she wanted it, what exactly was the problem?

I reached out my hand and touched her ass, and Little Sweetie squirmed around again. She also started to move backward toward me. Between that, and the insistent whine that was coming from her, I knew exactly what she wanted. I wasn’t imagining it.

I brushed back some of her fur, then slid one of my fingers inside her. She was warm and so wet, and immediately flexed her muscles and pressed herself backward. It was almost like her pussy was sucking my finger in.

I’d been so mesmerized by what I was seeing that I totally hadn’t realized my cock had become as hard as a rock. I quickly pulled down my pants and got on my knees behind her, then ran the head of my cock across her entrance and through her slick juices.


About the Author

I'm Jade Summers and naughty and taboo are two of my favorite words. If you like them too, then follow me down a rabbit hole of mind control, family erotica, beastly gangbangs, forced lactation and exhibitionism, as well as some good old fashioned humiliation.

You’ll never believe what kinds of sexy stories I’m going to come up with next.

Jade Summers

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