Massaging My Pregnant Mother

by Moms In Heat

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Being pregnant was hard on mom. At 38, this was likely her last. So, when she called and said she needed a massage, I raced over as quick as I could.

As I soon learned, when pregnant, sometimes modesty goes out the window. Mom honestly didn’t care that I saw her pregnant, naked body.

In fact, she encouraged it.


There are many advantages to living next door to my mother. One of them became apparent yesterday when dad had been gone on a fishing trip with his brother, and mom - 8-months heavily pregnant - started having some aches and pains.

She called me over and asked me to pick her up a bottle of Tylenol. But I wondered if there was anything more that I could do to help.

"Well," she smiled weakly, "perhaps give your momma a nice massage?" She suggested rather coyly.

"Sure!" I piped up. Mom had always been a looker, but now that she was 38 and preggers, with that nice, motherly glow about her, she looked like a fucking doll.

"Oh thank you!" Her shoulders sagged in relief and a smile crept across her motherly face. "Normally I'd ask your father, but he's with Uncle Bill."


Mom may have been getting up there in years (to 20-year-old me, anyway), but she had kept her svelte, hourglass figure. I'd noticed over the years that her hips had widened, her breasts had grown and her face had matured.

So, when I was offered the chance to massage that hot MILF, I (and my cock) jumped at the chance. Maybe it was only a neck massage, but just being able to touch my mother's soft flesh was a dream come true.

I grabbed a bottle of massage oil and set to work massaging her neck and shoulders. I was surprised when I came back in that mom had taken off her blouse, leaving only her bra and panties covering her delicious body.

"Mom?" I stared, open-mouthed at her taut belly and jutting, bra-covered breasts. They were so large that they strained the seams of the fabric. At least half of her breast cleavage was exposed and I could see thick, blue veins criss-crossing her flesh.

She shrugged. "I just thought you'd be able to do a better job if nothing was in your way. Besides," she giggled, "when you get this far along, modesty goes out the window. Just don't tell your father, eh?"

I nodded. "Sure."

I quickly set about my task of relieving my mother of her aches and pains. But I couldn't stop staring. She was sitting down on the sofa and I was standing behind her and I had a perfect angle right down her bra. It was such a great angle that I could see her fat, milky, motherly nipples.


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