Massaging A Baby Into Mom’s Belly

by Moms In Heat

“You want me to WHAT?” I could NOT believe what my very own mother - my own flesh and blood - was proposing! This was insane! I could lose my license - or worse! Would I be willing to potentially throw away a lucrative career and possibly face jail just so that my mother could have one more baby before it was too late?

You betcha!


The moment I turned 19, I new I needed to get my life together. I wasn't all that interested in college and had no desire to continue at McD's any longer than I had to, so I did a bit of brainstorming and finally settled on something that would not only pay the bills but would be a good workout to boot.

Massage therapy.

Getting the certs was a fairly easy process and soon enough I was working for an older lady who was getting ready to retire and wanted someone young and virile to run the shop for her.

That was me!

The work was hard, but satisfying. Soon I had enough saved that I moved out on my own. Life was going pretty good.

That all changed when my 42-year-old mother walked through the doors one day. Not as my mother, but as a client.

"Mom?" I arched an eyebrow as the receptionist ushered her back to my room. "What are you doing here?"


She sighed heavily, waited until the door had been shut and explained. "It's a long story, son. But your father and I have had a bit of a disagreement." I saw her furtive eyes dance around the room and wondered exactly what was up.

"Disagreement?" I shook my head. Mom and dad NEVER fought. Like, never. It was almost spooky.

She nodded. "See, honey. I'm getting to that age...well, you know."

"Your biological clock?"

"Yes. That one. See, I always dreamed of having one more baby before I was too old."

"And dad doesn't."

She nodded. "I've tried my best to talk him into it, but he's enjoying his retirement too much to want that interrupted."

I shook my head. "I don't understand...what does this have to do with me?"

Mom smiled broadly, her entire face lighting up. "Well, I figured that since you ahem massage pretty girls all day, you wouldn't mind giving your mother one."

"A massage?" I wrinkled my nose. "Sure, but..."

She pulled out a wad of cash, her eyes flashing with devilish mirth. "Not just any massage, honey, a FULL one." She handed me what must've been at least five hundred, then winked. "IF you know what I mean."

I stared at my mother incredulously. Sure, I knew exactly what she meant. That didn't mean it was legal, moral or ethical. "Mom, you don't understand, I could get in BIG trouble for doing this..."


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