Man On Man On Woman: The Schoolgirl And Her Two Bi-Daddies

by Scarlett Delage

Cheryl finds it hard to admit to herself but she's been day dreaming more and more about her two gay dads who adopted her and brought her up. Everyone she knows is always telling her how lucky she is to have such two strapping manly men for fathers. And then one day she comes home early from school, to find her daddies having sex. It's time to join in...


Caught between two males, just where Cheryl wanted to be, the dark desires that had consumed her in the middle of the night had now come to fruition. This was no dream, this was no masturbation fantasy, it was happening. She was the fuck sandwich for her two bi-daddies, her lithe small body at the mercy of her two herculean fathers as she lay on her side, one mighty cock thrusting into her ass while the other thrust into her cunt, the two swollen cockheads probing at each other through her inner wall. Those mighty hard throbbing cocks that Cheryl had so often watched thrust into the asses of each other, into the mouths of each other, watching their hungry masculine mouths gobble on the raging hardness of each other. Now those thrusting man cocks were thrusting into her body, their hot breaths fucking her face and neck , she was bathing in a sea of masculinity, a sea of wanton fuck depravity, her ultimate fuck fantasy come to life. Cheryl was getting fucked by her two bi daddies.

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