Making My Son Fuck Me Rough : Sinful Mothers 20

by Tori Westwood

When I finally get the chance to fuck my own beautiful son Lance, I want to make sure it’s a fucking to remember.  He needs a little guidance to take me just the way I like it, but before long he’s in the driver’s seat and is doling out a rough fucking that I’ll never forget.

Treat me nasty, Lance!


I guided him from the bath and toweled him off, paying particular attention to that throbbing length of his as I did so.  When he was dry I smiled and took a step towards him.

I pressed my body against his and felt his damp, smooth skin on mine.  My lips reached up to his and he glanced down, letting our mouths touch before kissing me.

I was surprised at the amount of passion Lance injected into the embrace, breathing a kiss into me and holding the side of my face as he did so.

My hands went straight to his ass and I pulled him against me, feeling his cock prodding into my stomach as he pressed against me.

My tits pushed against his chest and I felt his soft hair against my stiffening nipples, then I took his hand and slowly pulled my lips from his.

“Come with me,” I said, turning and leading him from the room.


I hoped Lance had taken the moment to ogle my big ass as it bounced in front of him, taking him towards the act of sin that awaited us both in the bedroom.

“Tie me to the bed,” I said simply as I walked in, not wanting to miss a beat.

I pulled some ropes from the bedside drawer and tossed them over to him, lying on the bed and holding my hands up against the metal head-board.

“I like it rough, Lance,” I said, keeping my arms in place.  “Be as rough as you want with me.  Now tie me up.”

I nodded to my wrists and Lance took to the task after a moment’s surprise, taking up the ropes and making a creative binding at my left hand.

“Good,” I said, giving it a tug to check the knot.  “Now do the other.”

I watched him close as he concentrated, working on the knot and nervous that I’d be scrutinizing his work.

“Good boy,” I said, as he tugged tight to finish off.

His chest was rising as he breathed, spent from his efforts.  It was hot to see him out of breath but I’d be seeing a whole lot more of that soon enough.

“Now fuck my mouth,” I told him plainly.

He looked shocked but the expression soon turned to excitement.

“Put my cock in your mouth?” he asked, kneeling and coming towards me.

“Fuck it,” I clarified.  “Treat me dirty, Lance.  I want you to fuck my face.”


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