Making My Mother My Obedient Sex Slave

by Amber FoxxFire

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I was finished with mom’s bullshit! Every chance she got, she berated me, whacked me over the head and yelled at me. Now that I was 18, I was going to do everything in my power to change that.

Enter a trance-inducing artifact I found. Would it work? Would it hypnotize mom and MAKE her do filthy things to me? Or would it backfire spectacularly, forcing me to find another way?

The game was afoot!


"What's this?" Mom greeted me as I came inside from a long day at my college classes.

She whacked me over the head with an empty package, glaring at me. Then thrust a large golden medallion in my face.

Ah! It had arrived! Good!

No longer would I have to put up with mom going through my things. Finding my dirty CDs and shaming me for having them.

"Well? I'm not sending you to college for you to party all the time." She bellowed at me, whacking me again before I could reply.

"It's just a gag gift for some classmates." I smiled as the lie fell from my lips.

It wasn't a gag gift, but something - if it worked as expected - that would solve my problem with my bitchy mother. She'd controlled my life for far too long and now it was my turn.

"Really? You go to college to party and pull pranks with those worthless friends? I'm paying for this!" She slapped me again. "Maybe I shouldn't." She folded her arm and harrumphed.


"Can I show you the prank? If you don't like it, I won't do it. Promise." I said, shrugging my shoulders and putting my hands up.

A feral snarl crossed her face and I was sure she would say no. If she did, I'd just have to find another way to gain complete control of her. But I knew she couldn't resist seeing what I was up to. And telling me to stop it.

"All right. Show me." She grabbed my ear and lead me into the front room, sitting down on the couch.

"Mom! I'm an adult!" This was so embarrassing!

She slapped the medallion into my hand. Then mom motioned for me to show her my so called prank.

This was my chance!

"Ladies and gentlemen I bring forth a medallion that will hypnotize anyone who gazes upon it. Do I have any volunteers?" I bowed as if performing before a group.

"Get on with it!" She complained.

Oh, you'll love this, bitch. Guaranteed. I smiled as I brought out the square-like device. Rubbing the smooth surface, it glowed.


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