Made To Submit To My Boyfriend’s German Shepherd

by Amber FoxxFire

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My boyfriend laid it on the line for me: If I wanted to move in, I was going to have to get along better with his large German Shepherd, Rocky. Little did I know that “getting along better” meant completely submitting to the large dog’s will, letting him do whatever he wanted with me.

I was to submit to Rocky and present myself to him for breeding.

As my boyfriend was my master, I had to obey.


"All right Oliver, I'm here." I said as I closed the door to my boyfriend's apartment. "You here?" I asked wondering if I had come to early or perhaps he had stepped out.

"Hey hun, just take a seat on the couch, I'll be right with you." He said from the bedroom.

As I took a seat on the couch, I wondered what was going on. He'd said that we needed to talk about something important, something that needed to be addressed before I moved in officially.

Moments later, he came out with his dog, Rocky. Immediately I wasn't sure if this would be a good idea. His dog wasn't a big fan of me and I wasn't the biggest fan of him.

Oliver sat on the couch next to me and pointed to his dog, "Sit, stay." He commanded the dog effortlessly.

To his credit, the dog listened perfectly. It sat and then stayed at attention like it was a solider.


"Now Camille, I really like you, and I want you to move in. You're here a lot already and it just makes sense." He said, starting off his concern.

"But you and Rocky aren't getting along. He doesn't like being around you and you don't seem to like him much either." He stated the obvious.

"Yeah, he isn't my favorite, and honestly he's a bit intimidating, he's way to big and his barking scares me." I confessed.

He smiled at me and placed a hand on my neck and started rubbing my favorite spot.

"I know babe, but I'm going to teach you and him how to get along You like following my orders in the bedroom, now were just gonna continue it here." He said, his voice stern but fair.

"Now say 'Yes, Master' and smile beautifully at me and we can continue." He said, clearly putting his foot down.

He was strong, confident, dominant, and everything I loved in a man. When he commanded me it made me want to obey.

"Yes, Master." I said, saying it exactly as he wanted.

"Good girl, now you're going to strip for me and get on all fours." He commanded, his voice filled with authority, saying his order and expecting to be obeyed.

"Yes, Master." I said again. Standing up, I slipped my skirt off.

He watched me undress. My panties fell to the floor, then my bra, a moment later I was on all fours, naked before him.


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