Lusty Mothers – Taboo Shorts : 10 Short Stories

by Tori Westwood

Lusty Mothers with an insatiable appetite is the theme of this 10-story collection, where mommies take care of their sons in the most sinful way of all.

Featuring creamy breeding tales, anal sex fantasies, daring threesomes and everything in between, these stories are a must for lovers of mommy incest.

Stories include: ‘Son Take Off My Panties,’ ‘I F’d My Son By The Pool,' ‘Full Of My Son’s Cum In The Art Gallery,' ‘Last Call For My AHole,' ‘Paint My AHole With Your Cum,' My Son Watches Me Play,' ‘The Time I F’d My Son,’ ‘Mommy Daddy Daughter Art Class, ‘A Close Shave,’ and ‘Check Mating.’


"Just tie me up at the back," I said, turning away from him and pushing my ass out.

The changing room was so small that I didn't have to move too much to be up against him, and right now my ass was pushing back on his jeans that hosted a suspicious bulge.

"Everything okay?" I asked, knowing now that I was turning him on.

"Uh-huh," he said simply, grabbing the tassels and quickly tying them in a bow.

I wriggle subtly on his cock, letting him know that I was more than aware of what was happening down there.

I took a step away and admired myself in the mirror, turning back to him and presenting myself.

"What do you think?" I asked, looking down across my exposed tits and running my hands down my sides.

"It—uh—looks good," he said.

"Okay, this will do," I said, deciding quickly.  "Can you untie me?"

Joey pulled the laces open from a distance and then made for the door.


"Can't you do the rest?"  I asked, blocking his exit.

"What else do you need me to do?" he asked, nervous and maybe excited for the answer.

"Take off my panties," I breathed with a smile.

I pulled the neck loop over my head and let the front of the negligee fall down, looking at my son's expression in the mirror as I waited for him to undress the rest of me.

He displayed a quick bit of swagger, looking down with an expression that told me he wanted to eat what he saw.  Have at it, Joey.

"Are you sure, Mom?" he asked, as though he knew what would happen if he did it.

"Oh, I'm sure," I said.

I leaned against the wall of the cubicle, stretching my arms upwards and pushing my ass out to him.

Joey pulled the fabric down slowly over my hips, crouching to move it over my ass and getting a good look at my asshole and pussy.

"Oh my," he breathed softly.

"Like what you see?" I asked as the garment fell to the floor.

"It looks ... tasty," he said, and his answer surprised me.

"Well then by all means," I said pushing my ass back quickly and touching it to his face.  "Have a taste."

Joey did nothing at first.  In fact, he didn't even flinch when I pressed back on him, instead letting my ass envelop his face as my slit and knot rested somewhere around his lips.

I bobbed my butt impatiently and then I felt the first tentative lick of his tongue across my pussy, sending a shiver through me immediately.

Although I was completely naked and Joey was clothed I still felt as though I were in a position of power.  I was going to dominate him and he was going to love every second of it.

I moved a hand behind now and gripped his hair, tight enough to hurt and then I pushed him in to my ass, feeling that tongue slide across me, wetting my pussy and my tight knot in a flash.

"That's right, Joey," I grunted, enjoying the sensation.  "Eat my pussy.  Eat my ass."


About the Author

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I enjoy writing them as much as you enjoy reading them, and I think that comes across in my descriptive, explicit style.
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