Lust World

by Scarlett Delage

Lust World is a place where the darkest of desires can be fulfilled. But are the hosts who satiate the guests needs developing desires of their own? Has the creator of Lust World created machines that feel sexual desire? It was always his dream, and now that dream is becoming reality.





It seemed like there was an explosion inside her, the shrapnel of sexual energy tearing though her body, making her convulse and spasm as she reached a nirvana she never had done before. Suddenly she found that the two cock were no longer in her mouth and pussy but were now pointed at her face. She realised she had lost a few seconds. Her orgasm had been so intense she must have temporarily passed out. She eyed the gleaming purple heads on either side of her, a hand furiously working each. Did they cum the same...
Her thoughts were interrupted as two huge streams of warm cum splattered her face, the room filled with each man’s groans of release. She closed her eyes and luxuriated in the feel of fluid lust warming and running down her face. As she lay there they caressed her naked body with their rough hands, kissing her up and down so she felt the rub of their manly stubbles on her skin, the cum now running down into her mouth allowing her to lick her lips and drink in the salty taste. She opened her eyes to take in the sight of the two men with Greek god bodies kiss and caress her all over while in low deep voices they told her she was the fuck of the century and the sexiest bitch they had ever met. As her body floated in this sea of masculinity an old song title came into her head. ‘Even better than the real thing’. They were more manly than man.


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