Learning Not To Choke

by Kess Kirkwood

Book Cover: Learning Not To Choke
Part of the Teaching Abby series:

After 18 year old Abby’s Poolhouse Romp with her father a few days earlier, she’s eager to get her Daddy alone again. He had promised to teach her some things when they were together last, and she’s very eager to learn.

Once Momma goes off to work, Daddy shows his ‘lil slut’ how to take his monster deep, without choking. It takes some practice, of course, but she’s a fast learner, and gets a nice creamy reward for her hard work.

While Daddy loves her, he’s not very gentle with his precious daughter. At first Abby is worried that his rough treatment turns her on so much, until he reassures her it’s perfectly normal. All good sluts like a little pain.

Being a Good Daddy, he takes care of her needs too. After what she just did for him, he can’t help but take a taste of her sweet treasures. Showing her, for the first time, how good a tongue can feel. In the end he leaves his daughter stuffed, dripping and barely able to walk.


Abby whipped her tank-top over her head, making her lush breasts rise and drop with a little bounce. They wobbled more as she leapt to her feet and skimmed her shorts down her long legs. The scrap of denim flew across the room as she gave her leg a kick. She stood before her Daddy, naked as the day she was born. Her arms behind her back, proudly displaying her firm, ripe body to his view.

Tony gave his little girl an evil grin. “You’re such a good little slut, Abby. Now that we have time, I’m going to teach you how to suck a real dick. Would you like to learn how to deepthroat me?” He had been holding his cock and gave it a little shake at his daughter.

“Oh! Yes, Daddy!” she said as she dropped to her knees, without even being told too.


“Such a good girl,” he complimented his daughter as he took a step closer to her.

She sat back on her heels and looked up at him as he towered over her. His cock twitched as it stiffened a bit more. Her small hands wrapped around the warm shaft as she licked her lips, getting them nice and wet.

“That’s it Babygirl, start off just like you did the other day.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said softly, looking up into his steel-grey eyes. She twirled her tongue around the large mushroom head, getting it nice and wet. She kissed the tip and licked the underside, flicking that little spot just behind the head with her moist tongue. It made her Daddy moan, so she knew it was a good thing. Then she wrapped her lips around the head and took an inch into her mouth giving it a little suck. So much easier this time, she thought, remembering the first time she tried sucking his huge cock.


About the Author

I’m originally from the Midwest, but moved to the West Coast as soon as I could. I love the sunshine, hot older guys, and looser morals out here. I’m pretty kinky in the bedroom, wanting to try new things all the time. One of those things is Incest roleplaying. I’ve never understood what the big deal was about incest… obviously, I had a huge crush on my Daddy growing up.

So now, I love to write stories drawn from personal experience, mine and some of my friends. All the dirty, nasty things we dreamt of doing with our family members, and each other’s. Of course, there is a lot of  imagination added in to spice things up.

My stories explore all the things that can happen between daddies and daughters, cousins, nieces, siblings… pretty much anything incest related. Most are loving, even if the sex gets rough, but who knows what I’ll feel like writing. I love long, detailed descriptions, which is why I’m with Wicked Fantasies. I want to make you feel everything and have a story long enough for a “Happy Ending!”

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