A Late Night First Time Fuck : Daddy’s Creampies 12

by Tori Westwood

I’d managed to sneak out of the house in a revealing skirt that Daddy would never let me wear, but after a night of fun I was now tasked with sneaking back in!  Things aren’t as successful and when Daddy catches me he’s in the mood for doling out punishments … of a very sexual nature.

When he discovers I’m a virgin he seems overcome with lust and with his big hands all over me I can’t help but feel the same.  It’s so wrong but I want him.  I want his cock inside me and I’m going to get it!


“You must be hungry for cock dressing like that,” Daddy spat, rubbing over my ass again and doling out this heady mixture of pain and soothing delight.

“I am, Daddy,” I said, exaggerating my whimper.  “I want it.”

“I bet you get it too,” he said, circling over the stinging redness.

“Never,” I cried.  “I never have!”

“Oh I bet you have,” he said.  “I bet you have a guy’s dick inside you every week!’

He let out a flurry of slaps, forehand and backhand, across both my ass cheeks and watched them ripple beneath him.

He stopped again and rubbed over my hot ass, and suddenly I started to feel something large growing into my stomach.  It was unmistakable.

“Never, Daddy,” I said hurriedly, hoping to delay the next bout of spankings.   “I’ve never had anyone’s cock!”

“I’m supposed to believe that,” he asked, dropping his face close to mine.


“It’s true!” I cried.  “I’m a virgin, Daddy.”

It was as though the admission was the final nail in the coffin and I felt his cock continue to grow up into my stomach.  He was clearly in need of a good fucking himself and I was done with being spanked.

“I’ve never had a dick inside me, Daddy.  You have to believe me.”

“Why should I believe you?” he said, and he had a good point.  I’d already sneaked out and intended on lying about where I’d been the next morning.

“Because it’s the truth!”

He pushed me from his lap and I fell onto the carpet, kneeling up and putting myself between his legs as I begged.

“I won’t do anything to upset you ever again, Daddy,” I said, rubbing my hands up and down his thigh as he sat there musing with a stern look on his face.

My gaze fluttered up and down.  I would look into his face and try to see if he planned on doing something erratic, and then I would look down to the thick bulge that was stretching down the leg of his pants.

“I just want to please you,” I said, and this time I moved a hand to rub over his big cock.  I felt a surge of juices rush to my core the second I touched him and he immediately looked towards me and locked his eyes on mine.

“What are you doing?” he asked with a growl, his pupils growing with lust.

“I know you want it,” I said.  It seemed obvious.  “Let me take care of you.”

My hand continued to glide up and down and I felt out the bulging head of his cock with my fingers and tickled over it.

“I thought you were a virgin,” he countered, but showed no sign of trying to stop me.

“I don’t want to be,” I said.  “Not anymore.”


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