Lacto-Tolerant : Suckled Daughters 24

by Millie King

Book Cover: Lacto-Tolerant  : Suckled Daughters 24
Part of the Suckled Daughters series:

Restaurants cater to all sorts of diets these days, but my Daddy’s restaurant was pioneering.  We’re the first lacto-tolerant restaurant in the world, and that means catering to some very specific tastes.

I provide the ingredients to all the courses at the restaurant, but you won’t find the dishes on any menus you’ve seen in the past.  Daddy spices things up even more by encouraging the guests to become more intimate until we’re in the midst of a naughty sex party.

Read as my Daddy shows the patrons how it’s done in this milky orgy!


She moved her fingers over my pussy and sought out my wetness.  When she found it, she pushed her fingers up into me and I let out a moan.

“She’s soaked for it,” she said.  “Go on.  Suck it.”

Mr. Graham stepped into my moan, filling my mouth with his hard, black cock.  I moved down on him and hummed.  I was being pleasured from nearly every angle, and Mr. Graham was now a recipient of the pleasure too.  I tried to use his monolith as a vessel to transfer my horniness through.

Steadily he started to work into my mouth.

“I can’t leave you on your own, Mr. Graham,” Daddy said.  “Although I’m afraid I can’t quite compete.”

I pulled off Mr. Graham’s cock and tried to get a look as Daddy downed his pants too.  He stepped right out of them and then took off his shirt, standing only in his socks and polished black shoes.

“About time, Mr. Fogle,” a lady said.


I looked back to see that she was rubbing at the bulge on her husband’s pants.  He was stood with his hands behind his back, watching the show.

“We can’t leave Mr. Graham here on display alone, can we Mrs. Hanlon?”

“We cannot,” Mrs. Hanlon said, then she turned to her husband and crouched at his feet.

She took him out of his pants quickly and then put her mouth right over his cock.  I couldn’t quite believe it.

Mr. Graham jerked his black length close to my face, but I wanted Daddy’s.  I stared at him.  I’d never been more in anticipation of something so much in my life.

Daddy downed his boxer-shorts and his huge, hard cock came springing out, sitting proud on his waist underneath a kempt rectangle of hair.

“You’re not far off at all, Mr. Fogle,” Mr. Graham said.

I was so smitten that I hadn’t realized where Mr. Chamberlain had gotten himself.  He was pushing up my skirt and moving his face to meet his wife’s fingers that were still buried deep in my snatch.

She fucked me with them and then moved them out, presenting them to her husband who sucked my juices off her fingers.

“She tastes great all over,” he swooned, then he planted his mouth right onto my pussy.

My head came up off the table as I groaned.  Another fierce jet of milk burst through my nipples, causing Mrs. Nunez to gasp off me.  Her mouth dripped with milk, and she looked at me with a shocked look of lust.

“You’re incredible,” she said, and then she put herself back on my breast.

Daddy walked over with his hard cock on display and put it close enough for me to reach.

“Go on,” he insisted.  “There’s a good girl.”

I reached up with my head and opened my mouth over him, sucking his cock while the rest of his guests tended either to me or to each other.

Mr. Chamberlain tongued at my folds and sought out my clit beneath its fleshy hood.  He nibbled at it and I shivered.  The milk burst through me each time he delighted me like that.

“Enjoy the feast,” Daddy said, presenting the scene.  It was like one of Caligula’s orgies.


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Millie King writes naughty lactation erotica that'll leave you dripping, along with the main character!

Dominant men drain younger woman of their nectar, guzzling down their cream while getting harder and harder by the second until they have to get drained themselves!

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