Lactating In Daddy’s Mouth : Daddy’s Cream 11

by Millie King

Book Cover: Lactating In Daddy’s Mouth : Daddy’s Cream 11
Part of the Daddy's Cream series:

My ex-boyfriend has my new baby for the day, which gives me some relief—or so I thought.  I’m still having to produce breast-milk when he’s not there so I can keep up his feeding.  Well, that just so happens to be when Daddy walks in.

Our eyes lock and he sees me pumping the milk from my tits, but for some reason he doesn’t excuse himself.  Daddy seems really intrigued and when he offers to help I guess I get a little intrigued too.  Soon he’s draining my tits into his mouth and his cock is getting stiffer by the second.  Read about our milky fuck inside!


My smile faded.  “No,” I said.  “I mean, a go with your mouth.”

Daddy seemed shocked and I wondered if I’d gone too far.  Then suddenly a huge grin started to spread across his face.

“I was thinking you’d never ask.”

His face was close to my tits in no time and I scarcely had time to feel nervous about it all.  He brought his lips to my breast and latched them onto my nipple eagerly.

I looked down on him in disbelief, watching his eyes close as he started to suck.  At first I was more than shocked, but very quickly that sensation started to overcome me again.

It was the most relaxed I’d ever felt.  I couldn’t explain it, but there was a serene tenderness to the way he sucked me, and when his hands started to massage my breasts all over again I let out a moan of approval.

“Do you like that?” he asked, knowing the answer.

“It feels so good,” I said, squirming against the back of the sofa.


Daddy took it as a cue to suck from me with greater intensity.  I listened to him swallow down my nectar as the milk squeezed gloriously through the tight aperture.  Each suck felt like a great release of pressure and tension.  All of my cares faded and the sensation of it all became my only link to the world.

I brought a hand to his head as I mewled, holding him on me and scrunching his hair in approval.  Daddy didn’t seem to need much encouragement, but soon he was kissing his way over to my other breast and doing the same.

I looked down at him to make sure the whole thing was real just in time to see him pout and place those tender lips of his over my breast.

His tongue flickered sexually over the nipple, turning it stiff and bullet-like.  Each time he teased over it I felt the excitement course through me and soon I was feeling something I never thought I would for my own Daddy.  Arousal.

As he continued I felt my pussy begin to swell as a wetness arrived.  I felt a slight sense of shame that I couldn’t control my urges, but it was quickly sucked away by another gulp of nectar taken by Daddy.

I looked him over with a love I’d never felt before.  My hand cruised through his hair as I held him against me and then I ran it down his back and pulled him on to me.  He groaned appreciatively and then sucked himself off the nipple, sitting back in the sofa and taking in a few big breaths.

I glanced at my tits and then over at Daddy who was wiping the film of milk from his lips.  I traced my eyes down his chest and then to his jeans, noticing the big bulge at his crotch.  Thankfully I wasn’t the only person who found this arousing.


About the Author

Millie King writes naughty lactation erotica that'll leave you dripping, along with the main character!

Dominant men drain younger woman of their nectar, guzzling down their cream while getting harder and harder by the second until they have to get drained themselves!

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