Knotted To My Master

by Jez Bestiality

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In a hurry and driving in a snowstorm, 18-year-old Nora veered off the side of the road and crashed. If it hadn’t been for a mysterious, furry beast, Nora would’ve died.

How could she ever repay him?

Skip, the large, muscular Newfoundland, knew the answer to that. His powerful mind penetrated her defenses, allowing him to completely dominate her. He was the master now.


Though she battled his iron-like will, she felt herself weakening. Now all she felt was the desire to take off her shirt and show her breasts to him. But why would a dog want to see her breasts?

Instead of fighting him, she just let her hands fall away from the shirt. With startling speed, he ripped it off and gazed upon her large flesh mounds.

"Good girl!" Was all he said, but it thrilled her that she had pleased him.

"Stand up and take off your pants." He commanded her, thumping his tail expectantly on the floor.

Scrambling to her feet, she let her pants fall to the floor and eagerly spread open her legs. He was taken aback by her luscious hot cunt.

Shoving his nose in her creamy pussy, he inhaled her rich scent, letting it fill his lungs. Smelling her fertile, inner heat called to him like a call to a feast, awakening his feral lust.


What was this large, strange dog doing to her? Why couldn't she say no to him?
Nora moaned softly as Skip ran his tongue over her glittering folds. She was so excited that her cunt juice was leaking out of her honey box.

Lapping up her honeyed essence, Skip felt his instincts rise. He needed to fuck this bitch and brand her as his. And he needed it now.

She screamed his name out like a mantra and bucked her hips as intense pleasure washed through her entire body. Never before had she felt such pleasure.

"Lay down!" He commanded as she hurried to obey. He felt his excited cock burst from his sheath, leaking with pre-cum.

The large black dog licked her aching breasts as her nips hardened under his ministration. She ran her fingers over his body, causing fever-like heat to consume him.

He stood over her as though she was already his. She lay helplessly and submissively before him. Then, before she could blink, he shoved his tongue deep into her mouth. Her eyes widened as a mixture of fear and disgust filled her.


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