Knotted & Tied Deep Inside Vol 13

by Amber FoxxFire

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These are the absolute hottest, filthiest dog sex bestiality stories you’ll find! Massive, throbbing red rockets being tied into helpless, innocent women, knotting them until they finish dominating and impregnating their bitches.

THIS is what you’ve been looking for!

Stories Included:

* BMC 2: Hypnotized By My Boss's Dog
* BG 5: Roughed Up By The K-9 Cop
* Dominated By The Doberman
* BMC 3: Hypnotized By The Pastor To Fuck His Dog


* BMC 2: Hypnotized By My Boss's Dog

Tasked with dog-sitting her boss’s Doberman while he went on vacation, Lori thought it would be easy. How much trouble could a large dog get into, anyway?

Damien getting fed steak at every meal was her first clue. She couldn’t afford to feed him like that - not on her paltry salary.

That she found herself stopping at the store for exactly that was her second.

But by then it was too late.

* BG 5: Roughed Up By The K-9 Cop

Just enjoying an evening stroll through the park, Kim was suddenly set upon by two large and angry-looking dogs.

“Just give in to them,” a burly K-9 officer growled. “Let them do whatever they want to you.” The officer took out his cell-phone and began recording the encounter. The guys down at the station were going to love this.

Kim had no choice but to submit to the horny dogs.

* Dominated By The Doberman


From out of the darkness, the large, imposing doberman stepped, his eyes blazing fury. Simone was afraid. Who was this strange dog? And what did he want? Suddenly, something came over her mind and it was then she knew. He wanted her. And she would give herself to him.

Simone didn’t know who he was or where he came from. But she knew he wanted one thing and wouldn’t stop until she gave it to him.


* BMC 3: Hypnotized By The Pastor To Fuck His Dog

Sent to the pastor by her mother to be taught a lesson, Tammy had no idea that he was going to drug her drink and make her do unspeakable, filthy acts to both him and his Rottweiler.

Tammy wouldn’t be the first 18-year-old slut Pastor Mike has had to “reform.” Nor would she be the last. But she would be the best.


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