Knotted & Tied Deep Inside 4-Pack Vol 35

by Amber FoxxFire

Me and Buster, daddy's new pound dog, didn't get along so well. He was a big, vicious boxer that daddy thought he could tame.

But as daddy was at work most of the day, it was up to me - his 18-year-old daughter - to take care of him.

Including walks.

I hated taking Buster for walks. He was strong, undisciplined and a menace. I could barely keep him restrained.


Stories Included:

- Humiliated By Daddy's Dog!
- Knotty Doggies 1: Stray Dog Mind Controlled Me!
- Knotty Doggies 2: Daddy's Dog Drank His Mind Control Potion
- The Dirty Doggy Sitters Club 1: Her First Time


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