Knotted By The Priest’s Pit Bull 1

by Amber FoxxFire

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Finding myself bored beyond tears at the new pastor’s house, I took a nap in his spare bedroom. No one would notice I was gone. No one but Jeremiah, the pastor’s large Pit Bull. Of course, Jeremiah was the friendliest dog I’d ever known. But that didn’t stop him from waking me up and knotting me - all with the pastor and congregation just a few feet away.



But I couldn't help it, it felt so damn good. When he was through, he invited himself up to my face for a lick. I giggled as I smelled my own sweet scent on his face. Then I wondered what kissing a dog's lips would be like. The naughtiness of the idea raced through my body and I trembled in orgasm as I contemplated what I was doing. This was insane!

"Here boy," I said as I reached around his neck and pulled him to me. Jeremiah was more than willing – eager even – to show me what kissing a dog was all about.

It almost seemed to me that he knew exactly what he was doing. Before I had another thought, his mouth and lips were pressed against mine and he snaked his large, slobbery tongue deep down into my mouth.

With great effort, I kept my mouth open and just let him do what he wanted. I could taste his spit and slobber and it was not easy to keep myself from gagging. But after a minute or so, I started to get into it and began reciprocating.


I couldn't believe it! I was actually kissing a dog! I felt my lady cum seep out of my pussy lips and onto the bed as I made out with my priest's dog.

The more I kissed Jeremiah, the hornier I became. And soon, my mind was thinking about other things – naughtier things. What did a dog's cock look like? How would it feel?


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