Knotted! 50-Pack Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire

Susie raced down the slope followed by her three dogs. King, her large and intimidating Bull Mastiff, Fred her Coonhound and Lobo her Irish Wolfhound loped along with their tongues lolling from their mouths.

"What am I going to do now?" Susie muttered under her breath as she stopped by a tree.

Her dogs gathered around her as she ranted on and on about losing her job.

Stories Included:

* Dominated by My Husband’s Dog!
* Dominated By The German Shepherd
* Good Girl, Bad Dog
* Carrying My Master's Puppies
* Boning My Human
* Smooching The Pooch
* Mind-Controlled By The Boss's Dog
* Caught Fucking The Dog
* Dog Is My Master
* Taken By The Guard Dogs
* Breeding My Father's Dog
* Knotted By The Priest's Pit Bull 1
* Knotted By The Priest's Pit Bull 2
* Hypnotized By My Great Dane
* Collared & Leashed By My Own Dog
* I Turned Myself Into a Dog To Fuck My Daughter
* You've Come To The Wrong Neighborhood, Motherfucker!
* My Dog, My Master
* Cucked By My Dog
* Bad Dog! Pastor's Wife
* Bad Dog! Sunbather
* Doing Doggo
* Bred & Humiliated By My Brother & His Dog
* Helping My Son Fuck The Dog 1
* Helping My Son Fuck The Dog 2
* Bestiality Gangbang 1 - Gangbanged At The Dog Park
* Bestiality Gangbang 2 - Gangbanged By My Horny Dogs
* Beast Mind Control 1 - Mind Controlled By My Husband's Dog
* Bestiality Gangbang 3 - Gangbanged By The TSA Dogs
* Collared & Leashed By My Own Dog
* Daddy Made Me Fuck Fido
* Beast Mind Control 2: Hypnotized By My Boss's Dog
* Bestiality Gangbang 5: Roughed Up By The K-9 Cop
* Dominated By The Doberman
* Beast Mind Control 3: Hypnotized By The Pastor To Fuck His Dog
* Bestiality Gangbang 6: Punished By The Millionaire's Dogs
* Beast Mind Control 4: Yes, Rex, Those Are Your Puppies!
* Pure Dog Sex 1: Fuck Me, Rex! I Need Your Puppies
* Pure Dog Sex 2: Plowed Into Submission On Daddy's Farm
* Pure Dog Sex 3 : Fucked By The Cook's Horny German Shepherd
* Pure Dog Sex 4: Popped By My Dog's Red Rocket During My Wedding
* Pure Dog Sex 5: Gangbanged In Front Of Everyone
* Pure Dog Sex 6: How The Fuck Did Rex Knock You Up?
* Bitch Fucking 1: Sinking My Cock Deep Inside My Dog's Tight Pussy
* Bitch Fucking 2: Sorry, Mom, I Knocked Up The Dog!
* Pure Dog Sex 7: Daddy, I Kissed A Dog And Liked It!
* Bitch Fucking 3: Fucking My Two Horny Bitches At Once
* Bitch Mind Control 5: Mind-Controlled By Rex
* My Dog Made Me His Bitch
* My Aunt Caught Me Fucking Her Dog!


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