Knotted! 25-Pack Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Knotted! 25-Pack Vol 1

"What are you saying Mark?' Mandy looked at her boyfriend with wide eyes.

"Come on, you're eighteen years old now and I'm nineteen. We're both adults. You know exactly what I’m saying." Mark explained, putting his muscular arm around her, pulling her close.

Oh, to feel his strong and warm body against her, made her tremble with longing. Like igniting flames, her inner fire roared longingly

Stories Included:

* Dominated by My Husband’s Dog!
* Dominated By The German Shepherd
* Good Girl, Bad Dog
* Carrying My Master's Puppies
* Boning My Human
* Smooching The Pooch
* Mind-Controlled By The Boss's Dog
* Caught Fucking The Dog
* Dog Is My Master
* Taken By The Guard Dogs
* Breeding My Father's Dog
* Knotted By The Priest's Pit Bull 1
* Knotted By The Priest's Pit Bull 2
* Hypnotized By My Great Dane
* Collared & Leashed By My Own Dog
* I Turned Myself Into a Dog To Fuck My Daughter
* You've Come To The Wrong Neighborhood, Motherfucker!
* My Dog, My Master
* Cucked By My Dog
* Bad Dog! Pastor's Wife
* Bad Dog! Sunbather
* Doing Doggo
* Bred & Humiliated By My Brother & His Dog
* Helping My Son Fuck The Dog 1
* Helping My Son Fuck The Dog 2

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