Knotted! 100-Pack Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Knotted! 100-Pack Vol 1

Monique glanced around her bedroom as she drew Fido to her, planting her lips on his as if he were a guy. She kissed his muzzle, wondering if she was doing it right as Fido looked at her.

"I don't know what I'm doing, boy." She admitted in a fluttery gasp as she ran her fingers down his neck and chest. "I'm 18 and I'm the only girl on the college campus that hasn't had sex."


Stories Included:


* Dominated by My Husband’s Dog!
* Dominated By The German Shepherd
* Good Girl, Bad Dog
* Carrying My Master's Puppies
* Boning My Human
* Smooching The Pooch
* Mind-Controlled By The Boss's Dog
* Caught Fucking The Dog
* Dog Is My Master
* Taken By The Guard Dogs
* Breeding My Father's Dog
* Knotted By The Priest's Pit Bull 1
* Knotted By The Priest's Pit Bull 2
* Hypnotized By My Great Dane
* Collared & Leashed By My Own Dog
* I Turned Myself Into a Dog To Fuck My Daughter
* You've Come To The Wrong Neighborhood, Motherfucker!
* My Dog, My Master
* Cucked By My Dog
* Bad Dog! Pastor's Wife
* Bad Dog! Sunbather
* Doing Doggo
* Bred & Humiliated By My Brother & His Dog
* Helping My Son Fuck The Dog 1
* Helping My Son Fuck The Dog 2
* Bestiality Gangbang 1 - Gangbanged At The Dog Park
* Bestiality Gangbang 2 - Gangbanged By My Horny Dogs
* Beast Mind Control 1 - Mind Controlled By My Husband's Dog
* Bestiality Gangbang 3 - Gangbanged By The TSA Dogs
* Collared & Leashed By My Own Dog
* Daddy Made Me Fuck Fido
* Beast Mind Control 2: Hypnotized By My Boss's Dog
* Bestiality Gangbang 5: Roughed Up By The K-9 Cop
* Dominated By The Doberman
* Beast Mind Control 3: Hypnotized By The Pastor To Fuck His Dog
* Bestiality Gangbang 6: Punished By The Millionaire's Dogs
* Beast Mind Control 4: Yes, Rex, Those Are Your Puppies!
* Pure Dog Sex 1: Fuck Me, Rex! I Need Your Puppies
* Pure Dog Sex 2: Plowed Into Submission On Daddy's Farm
* Pure Dog Sex 3 : Fucked By The Cook's Horny German Shepherd
* Pure Dog Sex 4: Popped By My Dog's Red Rocket During My Wedding
* Pure Dog Sex 5: Gangbanged In Front Of Everyone
* Pure Dog Sex 6: How The Fuck Did Rex Knock You Up?
* Bitch Fucking 1: Sinking My Cock Deep Inside My Dog's Tight Pussy
* Bitch Fucking 2: Sorry, Mom, I Knocked Up The Dog!
* Pure Dog Sex 7: Daddy, I Kissed A Dog And Liked It!
* Bitch Fucking 3: Fucking My Two Horny Bitches At Once
* Bitch Mind Control 5: Mind-Controlled By Rex
* My Dog Made Me His Bitch
* My Aunt Caught Me Fucking Her Dog!
* Rex Mind Controlled, Humiliated & Knotted Me In Public
* Daddy Caught Me Fucking His Dog
* Training My Human To Obey
* Breeding My Bitch
* Degrading & Humiliating Mom 1: Punished By My Son To Drink Down Rex's Dog Slobber
* Bitch Fucking 5: Good Dog, Mom! "Woof!"
* Punished Mom To Take The Dog's Cock
* Rex Knotted Me And My Best Friend At The Park
* Sis Helped Me Fuck Mom's Bitch - Part 1
* Made To Submit To My Boyfriend's German Shepherd
* Granny Takes The Great Dane
* Family Bitch Fucking 1: Knocking Up My Siberian Husky Mother!
* Bitch Fucking 6: Daddy, Why Is My Dog Pregnant?
* Turned Myself Into A Dog To Mind Control My Sister
* Mind-Controlled & Completely Dominated By My Dog!
* Hypnotized By My Dog To Take His Thick Red Rocket!
* Forced To Breed In The Pound
* Balls Deep In My Sister's Bitch Part 1
* Bitch Fucking 8: Knocking Puppies In My Sleeping Bitches' Wombs
* Fucked By Rex!
* Dog Mind Control 1: Mind Controlled by Rex to Carry His Puppies
* Sis Helped Me Fuck Mom's Bitch Part 2: Fucking Mom & Sis
* Mom Stared In Horror As I Knocked Up Her Horny Bitch Part 1
* Caught Fucking The Pastor's Pit Bull!
* My Dog Made Me Submit To Him
* Pound Dog Bitch
* Mind Controlled & Forced To Breed The Pit Bull
* My Dog Came In Me For 15 Min Straight!
* Birthing My German Shepherd's Puppies
* Birthing My Golden's Pups
* Drugged By The Dog To Carry His Puppies
* Knotted, Bred & Humiliated By My Father's Dog!
* 3 Sisters Turned Bitches Dog Sex Gangbang
* Birthing The Stray's Puppies
* Birthing The Pit Bull's Pound Puppies
* Bimbo Daughter Knotted By The Boss' Dog
* Expecting The Rottweiler's Puppies
* Rough Sex With My Dog In His Doghouse!
* Free Use Dogs 1: Taken & Used At The Dog Pound
* Mind Controlled By The Doberman
* I Forced My Sick Sister To Fuck The Dog
* Birthing The Illicit, Underground Rottweiler Pups
* Free Use Animal Birthing 1: The Mutt's Pups
* Consummating My Marriage With My Dog
* My Brother Turned Me Into A Dog And Now I Live Only To Serve Him
* Knocked Up By The Boss & His Dog
* Rex Hypnotized Me & Made Me His Bitch!
* Taking The Dog In My Tight, Virgin Pussy
* Forced To Fuck The Family Dog!
* Fucked By My Rottweiler


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