Knocking Up My Voluptuous, Mind-Controlled Daughter

by Raven Frost

She had always been my angel, sweet Cindy. My voluptuous angelic beauty. She had curves in all the right places - just like her mom back in her prime. That phase didn’t last long, sadly - I knew this was a fleeting quality which women couldn’t hold onto for too long, that perfect thick hourglass figure. And she was only 18!

I needed to take action


Laura was always the best part of my day. She was my sweet, beautiful and kind 18-year-old granddaughter who came to visit and spend time with me once a week. Her father, my asshole of a son, Jason, had sent me away to a god damn retirement place just because he couldn’t be bothered having me around home anymore.

I had given him everything, including the house he banished me from. I was going to get payback, and what better way than through the most precious thing in his life - Laura?

This would be two birds with one stone, not only would I be getting my revenge on my prick of a son but I would also be able to cross off the biggest ticket item on my bucket list - bang my hot young blonde thing of a granddaughter as an old fuck in a retirement home. Yes, that’s a weird thing to have on a bucket list, no kink shaming alright?


It just happens to be my granddaughter, accidental planned incest mind-control sometimes happens in old people homes, you know, Jason? Fuck you.

There was one great downside to all of it however, I had to spend what was left of my life savings on a mystical bracelet.

A local infamous gypsy who deals in stolen artifacts and other such bullshit hooked me up, we actually had a pretty solid relationship and I knew she wouldn’t rip me off - I supplied her with countless clients. All of these old farts at this place have stupid amounts of hidden money and are dying to spend it if you know what to whisper into their ears, everyone likes to play on the other side of the law once in a while.

The bracelet, once worn, hypnotizes the victim and bends their will - becoming completely subject to all of your orders. What you do next is up to you. In my case it was the key to allowing Laura to have the greatest cock in town inside of her, sometimes you must force happiness onto people!

Since I had always been a firm believer of “trust is good, control is better” I had first tested the bracelet on some of my companions here.

Nothing sexual, obviously, I am not a pervert! But we did have some fun. Should have seen the look on people’s faces when good old Archie started a food fight in the canteen, or when the normally extremely quiet Betty randomly jumped onto a table and sang Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” - head-banging included.

I did feel a little guilty though. Laura realized what a piece of shit her dad was and that I wasn’t one bit happy with how things turned out for me, so she came to visit me every single Saturday without missing a week.


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