Knocking Up My Sister 50-Pack Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Knocking Up My Sister 50-Pack Vol 1

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If you like brother/sister breeding stories, you’ll LOVE these puppies! Chock full of hot, fertile sisters getting knocked up by their brothers.

Stories Included:

- Knocking up my Sleeping Sister
- Hypnotizing Mom & Sis
- Knocking up my Married Sister
- Whored out by Daddy to Pay the Bills
- Banged by My Drunk, Horny Brother
- My Brother Came In My Horny, Fertile Cunt
- Mind-Controlling My Brother
- Spilling My Brother's Seed
- Breeding My Bratty Sister
- I'm Fertile. Dad's Gone. Fuck Me, Bro!
- Home Alone With Brother
- Banging Bella
- Blackmailing Brother
- Cumming in my Sister's Cute Cunt
- My Sister, My Cum Slave
- Impregnating My Wife & Sister
- Breeding My Slutty Sister
- Slumber Party With My Sisters Part 1
- Bred & Humiliated By My Brother & His Dog
- Slamming My Sleeping Sister
- Family Gangbang 1 - Fucking Mom & Sis At The Same Time
- Family Gangbang 2 - Filling Mom & Sis's Cunts With My Seed
- Sister Mind Cortrol 1 - My Sister Obeyed My Every Command
- Family Sleep Sex 1: Surprising My Sleeping Sister
- Family Gangbang 4: Mom Helped Me Gangbang My Two Sisters
- Family Mind Control 1: Mind Controlled Mom & Sis
- Family Mind Control 2: Breeding Mom & Sis Like Cattle
- Sister Mind Control 2: Impregnating My Hypnotized Sister
- Breaking Bad Girls 1: Breaking Sis
- Mom & Sis 1: Playing Hide & Seek With Mom & Sis
- Pure Sex 5: Accidentally Fell On Sis Part 1 Sis
- Pure Sex 6: Accidentally Fell On Sis Part 2 Mom & Sis
- Breeding Mom & Sis Like Cattle - Hucow
- Mind Controlling Mom & Sis To Breed
- Punish Breeding My Three Sisters!
- Please Brother! Don't Tell Mom & Dad! We'll Do Anything!
- Family Mind Control 3: Mind Controlling Mom & My Two Sisters
- Mind Controlled My Sister To Ovulate
- Controlling & Breeding My Bimbo Sister
- Knocking Up My Knocked Out Sister
- Hypnotizing My Sister To Take My Big Fat Cock In Her Ass
- Sis Helped Me Fuck Mom's Bitch - Part 1
- Knocking Twins In My Mind Controlled Sister's Belly
- My Sister Caught Me Breeding Mom!
- Turned Myself Into A Dog To Mind Control My Sister
- Mom Sold My Virginity To My Brother!
- Don't You DARE Tell Mom & Dad! We'll Do Anything!
- Hypnotized My Sister With A Voodoo Doll
- My Sister Drank My Love Potion
- Genie Forced My Sister To Become My Sex Slave


I never really believed in magic, but when my friend told me he got laid after using this magic spell, I was willing to try anything once.

At this point I was having a dry spell. I hadn't had sex in two years and I was in serious need.

I was twenty one, in the prime of life, and yet all my dates as of late were ending up with a kiss on the cheek and a desire for them to be my friends.

So when my friend had told me about this trick to get himself laid, I was all ears and ready to listen.

He had sent me an email, showing me exactly how to do the spell and despite being a skeptic, I gathered the ingredients as he instructed and put them into a bowl.

Most of this stuff was pretty basic, and soon I had crushed and stirred everything into a salve ready to apply.

I read the next direction, to apply it to an effigy, in other words a doll to represent the person, so basically a voodoo spell.


Having borrowed one of my sister's dolls, I spread some of the salve on the doll and recited the magic words told to me.

Then finally I cut the doll and put the hair of the girl I wanted to seduce inside the doll.

Finally I sewed it back up and the voodoo doll was complete.

Truth be told, I was horny as fuck and I wanted to test this magic out. While my friend getting laid was a miracle, I couldn't just do this out in the real world to just anybody.

So I would make my sister my first test subject. She would determine if I could use this on other people.


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