Knocking Up My Mind Controlled Daughter On My Lap

by Amber FoxxFire

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“Daddy, I’m so glad we’re doing this again!” Scarlet exclaimed as she bounced onto the sofa next to me, wearing a pair of shorts and one of the aforementioned almost provocative white tank tops with no bra underneath.

“Me too, sweetie, me too.” I handed her a cup of chocolate milk laced with the special powder. “Look, just like in the old days!”

“Ohhh yum, thank you! You’re so sweet daddy!”


It had almost been a year since my wife, the mother of our lovely 18-year-old Scarlet, had passed away in a tragic car accident. Nothing was ever the same since, however we slowly started getting back to the more fun routines in our lives. Movie night was one such activity which we both found acceptable to find joy in once again.

Scarlet had been going through a phase in which she began discovering her sexuality, quite a late bloomer in today’s standards, but she was not shy about hiding it - even from her father.

She started taking longer showers, sporadically locking her bedroom door and I once even accidentally opened a package which had been bought from a naughty online store; a pink vibrator. That was an awkward - yet strangely arousing - situation for a single father to be in, it was precisely then when I began seeing her with different eyes.


My baby girl was progressively developing into a fine young woman and discovering certain appetites which society dictated shouldn’t be shared with one’s father.

I had a different opinion on the matter. How was that fair? All that time, money and love I invested into her and then when things finally got erotically appealing, I was to completely ignore it and look the other way as a stranger deflowers and devours her innocence?

No way in hell! Scarlet’s breasts were perky, I could swear she had puffy nipples hiding underneath those paper-thin tank tops she wore around the house.

She had long beautiful, silky legs, which made me believe her little inexperienced pussy would be completely void of hair, too. I’m not going to lie, I have spilled countless seed masturbating to the thought of my princess riding my large cock.

So much so that I decided to take our daddy-daughter relationship to the next level tonight, during movie night.

A seedy guy at my gym who sold steroids and other drugs to fellow sport-enthusiasts had hooked me up with a powder which, when ingested, turned the victim into an almost brainless sex fucktoy of sorts.

At least that was the sales pitch, it didn’t take much convincing since my cock was doing all the thinking at that point when I immediately fantasized about my daughter willingly taking my dick into her sacred cave.


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