Knocking Up My Knocked Out Sister

by Amber FoxxFire

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My sister really should’ve known better. She was passed out in front of the TV in nothing but her flimsy panties and a see-through tank top. I was the older brother. I was supposed to be the responsible one. And usually I was.

But not this time.


It was a rough day at work, I had a rush of people all come in at the last minute demanding service.

On top of that my co-worker clocked out early, leaving me to close the store by myself, and to top it all the doors to the mall were locked where I normally went out and I had to walk all the way around to get to my car.

The drive wasn't bad, but I still felt pent up and anxious, I wanted to save up for a new car and the job was stressful, so many customers unable to think for themselves.

Getting home, I locked the door and grabbed a soda, then out of the corner of my eye I saw a mess my sister left.

My sister had been having a little fun drinking and it was clear she had went overboard. Half eaten Chinese take out sat on the counter, an open bottle of Rum sat next to a spill that was mopped up with paper napkins and left there.

"Looks like I'm on clean up duty." I said to myself with a groan.


Picking up after my sloppy sister wasn't too hard, but like everything else, it felt a bit draining, like I was her servant.

What I didn't expect to see was my sister splayed out on the couch, drunk and sleeping off the booze.

Her drink sat there half finished, her head on a pillow where she had been laying to watch TV.

Grabbing the remote, I switched the TV off and was about to get back to cleaning up when I noticed her shorts weren't shorts, but in fact panties.

She had decided to at some point take them off in her drunken fun and had been watching tv in a simple pair of undies and a red tank top.

Her tits were plump and barely contained by her tiny shirt, her flawless peach skin on display just for me.

Looking at her laying there half naked, only made my pent up body worse and I felt my cock start to harden at the incredibly erotic sight of my sister.

She was such a brat, and the fact she was displaying herself like this only made me want to tease her more. I needed to unwind and it was only fair that she helps me after the mess she left.

I start to slide her panties off, slow and careful, not to wake her.

Seeing her not react at all to me or even acknowledge me, I realized that she must be stone cold passed out from the booze. I didn't have to be so careful.


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