Knocking Up Our Sleepwalking Daughter

by Nocturas Dreamwhisper

Book Cover: Knocking Up Our Sleepwalking Daughter

Stan and Anna’s daughter hadn’t sleepwalked in years. They assumed she grew out of it. But now that she is 18, they were surprised when she started again. Surprised and very, very pleased.

Ever since Dee had turned eighteen, her parents had been lusting for her, especially her mother. With her large, firm breasts, perfect ass, and the face of an angel, who wouldn’t? Imagine their delight when she sleepwalks out into the living room half naked while they are fooling around on the couch. It gets even better when she touches herself while watching them.

Being such “good” parents, they don’t force her into joining them, but coax her into more and more twisted acts over time. Their lust is tempered with a deep love for their perfect daughter. After all, they both had “family relations”, so it’s perfectly normal to want to introduce the innocent teenager to the wonders of family love.

Luckily, the horny teen is eager, willing and ready to make love to BOTH of her parents, as least while she is sleepwalking. And her fertile body is quite capable of carrying the baby her mother wants, but can not have.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take Dee-Dee long to figure out what her parents are doing to her while she’s asleep. They certainly left her covered with enough evidence. She’s hurt and betrayed, but can she forgive the people that brought her so much pleasure?

Join this twisted little family down the road to sexual discovery, complete with bumps and potholes, in Nocturas’s longest book to date. Over 12,000 words across four chapters, each hotter and more twisted than the last. As always, the sex is hot and detailed, so you feel every sensation.


We half-heartedly watched the movie, kissing and touching each other. She had my cock out, lazily stroking it as I rubbed her dripping pussy through her panties.

About half way through the movie, we had almost given up hope, and got down to business. I slipped my hand into her panties, which were just soaked with her slick, gooey cream. My middle finger slid between the thick folds and sunk into her tight quim.

Anna moaned as she licked the pre-cum from the tip of hard cock. She twirled her tongue around the head as I slowly finger fucked her. Just as she took my rod into her mouth, we heard Dee-Dee’s door open. We froze, looking down the hall as she shuffled towards us. Like before, she was only wearing a little pair of panties, blue this time, with big red kisses all over them.


She stopped at the door again and watched, as my wife started sucking my cock again, moaning like it was the most delicious thing she’s ever had in her mouth. With a sigh I put my hand on the back of her head, pushing it down. She gurgled as my rock hard prick hit the entrance of her throat.

My daughter’s head tilted to one side as she watched her mother suck my cock. One hand slipped into her panties again.

“Come on, sweetie, you can come closer,” my wife called to her, before slurping on my cock again.

Denise took a hesitant step forward and stopped.

“It’s ok, Dee-Dee, come on,” I coaxed, patting the end of the couch. I can’t believe we’re doing this, I thought, this is so fucked up, but God Damn she looks so good. That little devil giggled excitedly, This is it!

She shuffled over and plopped down next to us, shapely legs spread wide. Her light blue panties were already getting that darker blue stain from her dripping pussy. She watched my wife’s head bob up and down on my long, thick cock.

“Mmm… Daddy’s cock is so yummy,” my wife told her.

Dee’s fingers strummed her clit as she watched, mesmerised. Little moans came from her throat as her breasts rose and fell faster. She opened her mouth a little, tongue wiggling slowly.

“Do you want to try, sweetie? Would you like to suck on Daddy’s cock?” Anna asked. I almost exploded at the thought.

My daughter nodded slowly, then leaned over my lap. Until now, I thought it would just be a watching game, which was hot, but safe. We were moving into a much more dangerous area, but I was helpless to stop what was going to happen, even if I really wanted to.


About the Author

Greetings, mortal. I am Nocturas. Do I seem familiar? I should. You see, I am a Demon. But not just any demon, oh, no, I watch over the dreams and nightmares of you mortals. Don’t let TV shows fool you, we demons watch over many aspects of human life.
When you drift off to sleep at night… or take a cat-nap on the train, I am there, waiting for you. You’re in my world, and you only get to leave when I allow it. You become my plaything, and I do love to play. Eternity gets very boring for a lusty demoness, so I have my fun with mortals in their dreams.

Thankfully, I’m not bound to the netherworld, nor to your dreams. I walk among you, being seen in my true form when I wish it, or remaining hidden with illusions. My favorite way to pass time is to tempt one person into taking advantage of someone I have locked into a dream. Be it a mother and son, daughter and father, or a complete strangers. It’s so satisfying to see the fun they have… well, one of them at least. And afterwards? Oh… the explanations are priceless.

You’re a kinky one. Don’t try and deny it, remember I’ve seen what you dream about. You want me to tell you a story about someone taking advantage of a helpless dreamer? Kissing, caressing, and violating someone while they are asleep?  Well, if you insist...

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