Knocking Puppies Into My Sister’s Bitch

by Amber FoxxFire

I didn't intend to knock her up. It just happened. I also didn't intend to get caught...


I didn't intend to knock her up. It just happened. I also didn't intend to get caught...

Home from college for the holidays, I had to share a room with my 18-year-old sister, Janice, and her German Shepherd dog, Bella. Bella was a nice, gentle lamb of a dog. My sister...not so much.

It was a Friday night and I was doing something close to nothing. Sis was out on a date with some weirdo named Peter. So, it was just Bella and I home all alone.

I wasn't used to being alone on a Friday night. At college, I had all the girls I could dream of. Here? I had no one. Well, I had Bella, but she was a dog.

I tried to concentrate on my phone, but my cock kept distracting me. It wanted some pussy.

And Bella wasn't helping. Apparently she was in heat and she was constantly licking her swollen pussy.

To say it was distracting would be an understatement.


Not only was she constantly licking her swollen pussy, but her heat smell had permeated the air and was slowly driving me bat shit insane. And it was only 10PM. Too early to sleep, to late to try to find a girl to relieve my needs with.

"Welp, I guess it's just you and me tonight, Bella..." I jokingly said as I whipped out my cock and began jerking it off. Something I hadn't done since I'd gone off to college. There was always a girl to fuck. Now there was nothing.

Bella looked up at me and for once stopped her incessant licking. Then she thumped her tail. It was almost like she was trying to tell me something.

"What is it, girl? Do you know a hot bitch's number?" I laughed and went back to jerking my cock while looking at my phone. A moment later, Bella - bless her heart - was trying to "help" me. She padded over and began licking my raging hard-on. As good as it felt, this wasn't exactly what I meant by hot bitch.

"Not now, Bella girl..." I tried to push her away, but she was insistent.

In fact, the more I pushed her away, the more and harder she licked my shaft.

"Okay, okay, you win. You want to lick my cock? Go for it. Might be better than my hand."

I leaned back and closed my eyes as my sister's dog ran her long tongue up and down my raging pole. I didn't have any idea why she was doing this - all night she'd been only interested in her own pussy. But now she seemed VERY taken by my cock.

I had to admit, her warm tongue gliding up and down my shaft felt really good.


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