Knocking A Baby Into Both Sisters’ Wombs Part 2 – Mom’s Turn

by Amber FoxxFire

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Oh shit! Mom walked in on me while I was balls-deep in one sister and cum dripping down the other’s legs. How was I going to wiggle myself out of this one? I was the eldest. I was supposed to be the responsible one. Fuck that shit!

How’d we get ourselves out of this sticky situation? Easy. The three of us seduced mom.

Now I could take knocking three women up at the same time off my bucket list.


"And just what is it that my own flesh and blood is doing under my roof? I feed you. I clothe you. I slave away at my job all day so -- what? You guys can fornicate with each other while I'm gone."

"But mom!" Kelly whined. "Tris has got a BIG cock!"

Mom flushed a thousand shades of crimson. "That may be, but --"

I pulled my cock out of sis's cum-drenched cunt and turned toward her. "Yeah mom. I've knocked all the other women in the house up. Now it's your turn."

Mom hissed. "Son, you can't be serious." But the way her eyes lingered on my curved dick, I could tell that we had almost broken through.

"No, mom, he really is!" Cady bounded over to mom, grabbed her hand and pulled her to my cock.
"Go ahead, mom, touch it!" Kelly smirked, knowing full well that once mom was on board the three of us (four including mom) could fuck like rabbits anytime we wanted.


"I couldn't do...such..." Her voice slowed down the closer her hand got to my cock. The second mom touched my flagging dick, it rose to greet her.

"Fuck, bro, if I'd have known that you were this much of a horny animal, I'd have been jumping your bones a lot sooner." Kelly shivered at the sight of her very own mother touching the cock that was just pumping its seed inside her fertile womb.

I closed my eyes as my hot-to-trot mother grasped my cock with her strong, motherly fingers. These were the fingers that washed dishes all day long at the restaurant. They were soft and oh-so-firm.

"Mmm," she moaned. "You really do have a nice dick, son." She looked me in the eye mischievously. "You think there's enough left in the tank for your dear old mother?"

"Of course he does, don't you, bro?" Cady wrapped her long, slender arms around my neck and plopped a big, fat kiss on my lips.

"Sure mom..." I gulped. It was one thing fucking my sisters. It was a whole 'nother ball of wax fucking mom. She could probably teach me a thing or two.


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