Knocking A Baby Into Both Sisters’ Wombs Part 1

by Amber FoxxFire

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With mom out of the house, it was time for some quiet, alone time. But anyone with sisters knows that when they’re around, there IS no quiet or alone time. Fuck. My dick was hard and throbbing and mom would be back anytime. I had to have relief.

Just when I started taking care of business, my oldest sister, Kelly walked in on me. As I was balls-deep in her, Cady waltzed in wanting some. Then mom!


I placed my rock hard cock in between her tits and started ramming it hard. The tip of my dick touched her tongue and mouth over and over again as I titty-fucked my sis. Kelly took the chance to lap at it anytime she could.

"Good sister, taste your older brother's rock hard cock."

"It's salty. Big too. Glad you're not small. I wouldn't let you live it down."

That was when I got the urge to taste her. I took my cock out from her breasts and ripped off her panties.

"Hey! Those are my favorite. Don't be so impatient."

I growled, "This is my room and my cock, bitch. You're getting the VIP treatment."

She smiled, I must've hit a good nerve with the dominant asshole attitude.

I dove into her dripping wet cunt. Its scent was musky with a small scent of lavender soap. I lapped up her juices like a hungry beast. I had to pay attention to how good her hard, juicy clit was since my cock was throbbing and dripping for entry.


Kelly's pussy lips were full and pretty. The inside of her was a nice pretty pink.

Kelly moaned, nearly sending me on the edge of cumming right there. But I held on and added my fingers to the mix, twisting them inside her, watching her writhe in sweet agony from the pleasure I was giving her.

"Oh! Tristan! Fuck, you're good at this! I want your cock! Please, I can't take it anymore," she said breathlessly, reaching for my head.

"Calm down, slut. Let me enjoy the dessert."


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