Keeping It All In The Family – 4 Pack Bundle

Family Taboo Punishment Rape Incest Erotica

by Ami White

Nothing is hotter than Daddy-Daughter Taboo erotica…except Family Taboo erotica. Keeping It All In The Family is four hot incest stories, where the daughter gets punished and then fucked hard by her dad, her brothers, and her uncles!

This collection of short stories (10,100+ words total) is about daddies sharing their daughters with all of her male relatives, whether she likes it or not.

Bred By My Daddy and Then Sold to My Brother - I’d gotten my use out of my daughter. I fucked her stupid virgin cunt and knocked her up on the first try. Now I wanted to get rid of her and that thing growing in her, so I invited my two brothers and my son over for an auction. I let them have a test drive and they rode her like they were driving a stolen rental car. The only question left was how much cash I could get for her stupid ass.

Raping the Trailer Trash Princess - After my wife went to prison, my little princess decided that she was the woman of the house and she needed to nag me all the time. When she interrupted my annual poker night, I’d had enough. I decided that if she wanted to act like my bitch, I was going to treat her like a bitch and while I was at it, why not let her uncles and brother have a shot at her too?

Forced to Fuck Daddy - It was a risk to blow my boyfriend at my daddy’s house, but that’s where I was staying during Christmas break from college. My plan was ruined when my older brother, Freddy, burst in on us. I thought I had the upper hand when Freddy suggested that I blow him as a form of blackmail. “Go ahead and tell Daddy, then you’ll be the one in trouble,” I thought. Instead, my redneck daddy got mad at me, and made me do so much more than give Freddy a blowjob.

Tag Team My Baby - When my daughter wouldn’t shut up, I shoved my cock in her mouth. Finally, with a mouthful of Daddy’s cock, she was quiet. I’m so glad my son made the suggestion. But, since I was this far along, why not go all the way? I let my son fuck his sister’s mouth while I raped her ass and virgin pussy. This was a great way for a family to spend the evening.

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About the Author

Hi! My name is Ami White and I write naughty, sexy stories for Snowflake Press. I hope you enjoy my taboo stories.

See you between the sheets…

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