Jock Becomes Cheerleader : Bodyswaps 1

by Fearne Forrester

College football star Hanlon wasn’t ready for what happened next.  Colliding with the cheerleading team he quickly realizes he’s not feeling himself.  Unbeknownst to him, cheerleader Mia has volunteered a very special routine for the team to perform, copying the dance-moves and music from an arcane ritual in the hopes of transforming into more popular, fellow cheerleader, Chelsea.

The plan backfires and now Hanlon is embodying Mia, having been sent to the empty locker-room to collect himself.  There Mia joins him and the two get to exploring their newfound state, culminating in a sexual experience that no-one on earth has ever had!


“Don’t worry about it,” Mia said.  “I’ll fix it.  Just … enjoy my body, I guess.”

Hanlon looked down at his tits.  “I can?”

Mia rolled her eyes.  “Do whatever you want.”

“Will you?” Hanlon asked.


“Will you do whatever you want with me?”

Mia looked down at her new, muscled physique.  She shrugged.  “I guess.”

“I don’t mind,” Hanlon said.  “I don’t mind at all.  I think I’d like it.”

“Like it?”

“Yeah,” he said.  “The idea of you touching me …”

Mia was shocked.  She thought guys like Hanlon weren’t into her.  “You want me to touch you?”

Hanlon shrugged.  “I just like the idea of it,” he said.  “Your hands on me …”

“It’d be your hands on you,” Mia said.

“Would it?”


Mia opened her mouth to speak but paused.  She picked at the tape on her fingers.  She hadn’t thought that far ahead.  “Huh.  I guess that’s an interesting question.”

“Like, are these my tits or—”

“They’re definitely my tits,” Mia said quickly.

“Ok, then are these my hands touching them,” Hanlon asked.

“Hey!” Mia scowled, and she quickly grabbed at her crotch to even the odds.

Hanlon smiled.  Mia felt the unusual bulge in her grasp.

“That,” Hanlon said, smiling wider.  “That’s what I like the thought of.”

Mia had lusted after guys like Hanlon through all of college so far, but she’d never had the confidence to reach out.  She figured that being in Chelsea’s body might help, but she was starting to realize how stupid she’d been.

“So what now?” Hanlon asked, sitting opposite Mia on the bench.

The two confused nineteen-year-olds looked across the divide, separated by so much and so little all at once.  Mia looked down.

“First of all, close your legs,” she said.  “Women don’t sit like that.”

“Okay but open yours.  Men don’t sit like that.”

Mia unfolded her legs as Hanlon brought his knees together.  Ordinarily, being told to open her legs by another guy would have earnt him a slap, but Mia needed the lesson.

“What else do I need to know?” Mia asked.

Hanlon thought for a second.  “Tonight’s pork-chop night.”

Mia frowned.  “What?”

“At home.  My Mom cooks pork-chop on Fridays.”

“I … what?

“Never mind,” Hanlon said.  “I gotta pee.”

He stood up and Mia’s face dropped.  “I guess that’s something that we need to go through.”

“I just point and shoot, don’t I?” Hanlon said.

“You sit!”

“Oh.  Well, here’s a tip for you: point and shoot.”

Mia looked down between her legs.  “Gosh, that’s going to be strange.”

“Come and practice,” Hanlon said.  “Might as well get it out the way.”

He stood up and walked to the cubicles that sat off from the main locker room.  Mia followed him.  If someone was about to pee out of her, she wanted to be close by.

Hanlon went into the cubicle and closed the door behind him.  Mia went in the cubicle beside him.

“So, I just pull these down and sit,” Hanlon said.  “Whoa!”

“What?” Mia asked, looking up at the gap between the top of their stalls and the ceiling.

“It’s shaven!”


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