Jerking Off On My Sleeping Daughter’s Face

by Amber FoxxFire

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Seeing my beautiful, peacefully-sleeping daughter laying in her bed as the soft moonlight covered her body in its rays, I knew I had a choice: Go back in my room and finish what I’d started, or…

God, what if McKenzie woke up? Fuck. My heart raced faster just thinking about getting caught. I could never look her in her beautiful eyes again.


She was a sweet girl, kind and intelligent, she had the best traits of both me and my wife and I couldn’t help and love her for it. But while I knew she was a good person, educated and in college, I couldn’t turn my thoughts away from the more lewd ideas I was getting into my head. Ideas about touching her, fondling her, teasing he body like I would Claire's, and soon I felt my cock rise in need, it demanded attention.

I felt a little guilty, but why should I? I asked myself, I grilled myself and yet I couldn’t think of a reason to stop myself from checking in on her.

I’ll go check on her and then go and rub one out, make sure she is safe in bed and then go watch some TV or go on the Internet.


I was lying to myself but I didn’t care, I just wanted to see McKenzie, to see her sleeping peaceful, laid out gracefully, not a care in the world. I was naked but I wouldn’t be in there long, just a quick check on her and then I could go about my business, make sure she is good and then head to my room and relax.

Opening the door I felt like I was trespassing, feeling guilty for not putting on some shorts as I checked in on her. My eyes looked at the time, it was eleven thirty at night, she would be deep in sleep, she wouldn’t even notice me.

I crept closer and saw her laying on her bed. It was too hot for covers and she had opted for just a pair of panties and a small red t-shirt for pajamas.

I felt my cock twitch and a thrill run through my body as I realized how close I was to my very own, nearly-naked, daughter.

She looked so lewd, so erotic, I know she didn’t mean to be, she was just normal, but I couldn’t help myself and I found myself starting to stroke my cock to the peaceful image of her laid out sleeping on her back.

The guilt washed over me heavily for a moment, but I shook it off, this was fine, she was like my wife, and of course it was normal for a man to fantasize about his wife.


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