Jack and the Farmer’s Daughter

by Margot Devine

Jack would do anything for the farmer’s daughter Betsy, even going so far as trading his prize cow for a few measly seeds.  But when the seeds sprout into giant stalks and suck up all the surrounding water, the farmer and Betsy aren’t too happy.

Betsy pays Jack a visit, imploring him to cut-down the beanstalks to save their crop, but Jack has a counter-offer and Amazonian babe Betsy is all for it.  Read as Jack finally gets his wish and Betsy has his way with him, tossing him around like her own personal rag-doll and treating Jack to a kind of pleasure he didn’t know he liked!


Betsy stared for a moment as she processed the proposition, although she had anticipated it all along.  You don’t put on an outfit like this and not expect attention, especially from Jack.


Jack nodded, looking her up and down.  She was in fine fettle.

“What do you want with me?”

“I can think of a few things,” Jack said, exuding a confidence that he hadn’t possessed before.  Two weeks of being a businessman will do that to a lad, Betsy guessed.

Betsy tried to hide her smile as best she could.  She’d tricked Jack into giving her Daisy and now she felt like she was tricking him again.  Truth be told, Betsy wanted nothing more than to ravage Jack like he was a piece of meat, she’d just been too proud to admit it.

“Would you like me to take care of you?” Betsy asked.  “Would you like me to treat you?”

Jack nodded slowly, swallowing hard.  “I’ve always wanted that.”


“And it has always been so obvious.”

She held his face and stroked her thumb over his chin.

“You want me to be the boss of you, don’t you?” Betsy said.  “I can tell.  I know how you like it.”

She was much more experienced than Jack, having had a few chance encounters with her father’s friends in the past.

“I can be your boss,” Betsy said.  “Do you want that?”

Jack nodded simply.

“Take off your pants,” she told him.

He unfastened his jeans and dropped them to his ankles, standing in the middle of the quiet barn with only his underwear to hide his modesty.

“Do you have something in there for me?” Betsy asked.

She pushed her tits together and moved them close to Jack’s face.  He stared ahead and took a deep breath.

“Is it getting nice and big for me?” Betsy asked.

Jack nodded and when he did she thrust her hand quickly to his crotch.  Jack tensed up and Betsy squeezed on the sizeable lump that she found.  There was some resistance as the blood started to flow into him.

“Is that for me?  Is that all mine?”

“It’s all yours,” he hushed.

Betsy stood onto the crotch of Jack’s jeans that sat between his ankles and he pulled his feet up out of them, losing his boots as he did so.  Then she pulled his face to her tits and held him against her.

“This is what I want,” she whispered, and she continued to massage Jack’s growing packet.

Despite Jack’s slight frame he was in possession of something as impressive as his own ginormous plants.  Betsy wondered when it might stop growing.


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