It’s A Wonderfully Slutty Wife : Desperate Mothers

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: It’s A Wonderfully Slutty Wife : Desperate Mothers
Part of the Desperate Mothers series:

Plagued by sinful thoughts of my own son Tommy, I’m visited by a Christmas angel who shows me what life will be like if I never fuck him. Steeled by the knowledge that everything will be okay, I set upon Tommy early one morning while my estranged husband Greg is out for work. With the help of my guardian angel, I convince Tommy to put himself inside me and let it all out!


I tongued his mouth and kissed him in a way I hadn’t done with anyone in twenty years.  Tommy kissed me back with youthful exuberance.  His stubble tickled at my lip and his hands began to wander all over me.  It felt so good to be touched like that.

He gripped my ass, squeezing it hard and pulling me against his stiffness.  It wedged between us and the sensation of it against my stomach squeezed another bout of juices from me.

“I want you,” I told him.

To my amazement Tommy got to his knees before me and started to down my panties.  I had to hide my shock as I watched him remove them and stare straight to my pussy.

Somehow the area had been shaved close, but I don’t remember doing that.  It was smooth and inviting, and Tommy took the invite.


I stared to the heavens, wanting to thank the angels for the job they’d done on my kempt pussy.  Instead, all that left me was a delightedly giddy moan as Tommy’s gentle tongue collided with my folds.

He lurched up into me, pushing his face against my pussy until it smothered him.  My eyes closed and I soared off above the clouds, holding Tommy’s head against me for dear life as he sent me to a place I hadn’t visited in so long.

His tongue was like magic, coaxing a climax out of me like it was a rabbit in the hat.  With a few subtle movements of his mouth and tongue I found my breaths shooting from my lungs and my scalp prickling with excitement.

“Tommy!  Tommy, I’m coming!” I cried, and the boy didn’t let up.

Instead, he kept his intensity, pulling and licking and softly biting at my pussy until it was a swollen mess of excitement.  My clit was charged and ready to explode.  Tommy’s tongue provided the perfect catalyst.

He struck the sensitive node and a torrent of bliss blasted through my body, causing me to wriggle and writhe on my son’s mouth.  He held my hips to keep me on him, pushing his face up against my contracting core and seeming to relish the sensation of it throbbing against his face.

He pushed his tongue as deep as he could, then his hand came up to squeeze the inside of my trembling thigh.

“Fuck!” was all I could utter.

Tommy’s finger slipped up through my drenched core, probing deep and getting gripped by my muscles.  He took it from me and stood up, presenting the soaked finger to my mouth.

I’d have done anything for him in that moment.  The least I could do was grip his wrist and race my mouth over his finger.  He seemed to enjoy me tasting myself.

“I need to come too, mom,” he hushed.

“Don’t you worry, Tommy,” I told him, and I gripped his cock and jerked it slowly.  “I’ll get you what you need.”


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