Inside Me On The Big Wheel : Daddy’s Creampies 16

by Tori Westwood

As nineteenth birthday presents go, this one was a little out of the ordinary!  Daddy had taken me away for the weekend to Las Vegas and as an added treat he’d bought me a VIP booth on the huge Ferris Wheel that overlooks the strip.

On the way round it we start doing a strip of our own and before long Daddy’s thrusting his big, hard cock into my aching, wet pussy.  I’m so horny that I demand that he comes inside me.  Man, was that a mistake?  Read how he fills me with his cum, far above the shining lights of Vegas.


Each time his hands wandered upwards they grew closer and closer to my forbidden flesh.  I trembled with desire, letting the sensation mount and build inside me.

When Daddy finally made contact I let out a sighing, gasp of arousal.

“Your pussy looks so good,” he said finally, breaking the silence.

He looked up into my eyes and I flashed a smile, raising an eyebrow as I did so.

“Good enough to taste?” I asked.

Daddy didn’t answer verbally, but he did answer with his mouth.  He moved his face forwards into me and before I even felt his warm breath, his tongue was swooping up my groove in one huge lick.

My eyes closed in an instant and I let out a cry as the cart started to move around again.  As we span it hammered home that sinful thought.  We were above a slew of people, all of which we could see, and yet none of them had any idea of the taboo debauchery that was occurring right above them.


I focused on the myriad sensations in my crotch now as Daddy started to dine on me.  His tongue cruised up and down my folds, parting them with his flat tongue before pointing it and stabbing it a little way into my honey pot.

He tasted my juices and made groans of approval that accompanied my shrill cries, massaging my clit until it stiffened and I yearned to be filled.

As much as I wanted Daddy inside me I also didn’t want this moment to stop.  Daddy had forty plus years of experience that he was doling out on my pussy and it felt fucking incredible.  I’d never been eaten like that before.  He seemed to possess a prowess that told me he was well practiced.

I started to squeeze at my breasts as the sensation mounted and before long I was writhing in the seat, pushing my crotch out towards him and grinding on those masterful lips of his.

Daddy massaged me over and over with his tongue, coaxing me closer and closer to orgasm by the second.  Soon he was probing a finger inside my tight O, scooping out my juices and bringing them to my mouth.

I laced my tongue around his digit and then drove it inside me, tasting the sticky sweetness of my pussy that Daddy was currently feeding on.

As his tongue and lips fluttered about me I started to lose control and I could feel the arousal building in my crotch.  The sensation radiated outwards like it was a source of great power.  The whole while Daddy ate from me and teased it further and further to the surface, guiding it from me like he was some kind of hypnotist.


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