Incest – Vol 1 Books 1-4

by Krissy Cox

The first four installments from a hot new series by Krissy Cox.

  • I Caught Daddy Sniffing My Panties - Incest 1
  • Impregnating My Daughter - Incest 2
  • Breeding My Sleeping Daughter - Incest 3
  • Fuck My Asshole, Daddy! - Incest 4
  • I Caught Daddy Sniffing My Panties - Incest 1 - Someone's been stealing my dirty thongs, and I'm determined to catch the pervert red-handed. So I set-up a hidden camera in my bedroom, but when I see my dad in the footage sniffing my smelly panties and jerking off, I'm shocked! I decide to confront him and threatened to tell mom!
  • Impregnating My Daughter - Incest 2 - My wife, Sheila, moved out, leaving me in charge of our sexy daughter, Katie. Katie's always been a tease with me, but tonight she was ovulating, I could smell it! I knew, as her dad, it was wrong, but I was horny, and Katie had taunted me one too many times!
  • Breeding My Sleeping Daughter - Incest 3 - I had to do it. I couldn’t help it. I snuck into my daughter’s room and watched her sleep. She was wearing next to nothing, her sexy body teasing me. So I made up mind. There was no turning back.

    I drugged my daughter and bred her while she slept.

  • Fuck My Asshole, Daddy! - Incest 4 - My boyfriend is pressuring me to go all the way, and I’m not sure what to do about it, so I tell my daddy. Concerned, daddy decides to solve my problem by claiming both my virgin holes for himself.

This is the cover for the mirrored version of this story, under the pen name Kinsey Fox. It's every bit as hot as the original, but some relationships have been changed to get passed store filters.

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