Incest – Vol 2 Books 5 – 8

by Krissy Cox

'Incest - Vol 2 Books 5-8' is here! This hot new series from Krissy Cox features stories about family lust.

Bundle Includes :

  • Daddy's Voodoo Doll
  • My Daughter's Bimbofication
  • Drilling My Daughter's Butt
  • My Daughter's Big Lactating Tits
  • Daddy's Voodoo Doll - I thought it was a joke. Then I tried it on my wife, and it worked! With my wife gone, I knew exactly who I was going to use the voodoo doll on next. My sweet virgin daughter, Kara, would soon be under my command.
  • My Daughter's Bimbofication - I love my daughter, but lately she’s been trying my patience with her social media antics. After seeing her latest hashtags: #wontbesilenced, #itsmyvaginanotyours, I knew I had to intervene. Thankfully, my poker buddies told me about Soon, my daughter will be a good bimbo slut.
  • Drilling My Daughter's Butt  - My daughter's been passing it out all over town and bringing shame to our family name. Too embarrassed to show my face again in our small community, tonight I’m going to teach her a lesson in the only virgin hole she has left.

    >My Daughter's Big Lactating Tits - When my teenage daughter begins to lactate early on in her pregnancy, she’s mortified with embarrassment. That’s until I show her how milk does a body good!


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