Incest Slaves Books 4-6: A Taboo Mpreg Series Bundle 2

by X Collins

About Incest Slaves Books 4-6: A Taboo Mpreg Series Bundle 2


About Incest Slaves Book 4: Trevor and Taylor:

After the forth brother, Taylor, shows up to purchase the three incest slaves, Stan can’t shake the feeling that something bad is about to happen.
The problem is, his judgement is clouded.
He just can’t stop thinking about the two identical twin brothers, Trevor and Taylor …
and what they would look like together as his own personal slaves.

This story explores the relationship between twins Trevor and Taylor, but also delves even deeper into the underground prison where the incest slaves are being held.

About Incest Slaves Book 5: Lex and Jason:

Lex has been angry for a long time.
He’s been angry about being torn away from his brothers,
about never being given a fair trial,
and about being put behind bars.

But the thing he’s most angry about is how he’s treated
in the sex prison run by Stan and his cop friends.
Lex is beaten and used and humiliated constantly.
He’s treated like an animal in a cage.
And the worst part of all?
He fucking loves it.
And there’s no way in the world he can admit it to himself,
Let alone to his brothers.

This story explores the relationship between brothers Lex and Jason, as well as with their twin brothers Trevor and Taylor,
and the man who is holding them all captive as his private sex slave harem.


About Incest Slaves Book 6: The End

Stan’s BDSM sex club, The Dungeon, is on fire. But Stan isn’t watching the stage show. He isn’t even in the club. He’s in his private room on the floor right above the club, knotting inside his omega sex slave, Trevor.

Lex is also in the same room, and he’s knotted inside his brother Taylor, Trevor’s twin.
Stan and Lex don’t know about the fire, and when they find out, they’re still knotted and stuck inside their omegas.

Will Stan and Lex get unstuck in time to escape from the rapidly spreading fire?

Will they be able to save twelve floors of prisoners who are trapped inside locked cells?

Will the find out who set the fire? And who the mysterious men are who made the threatening phone call?

And how will the tumultuous story between Stan and his sex slave harem end?

This story explores the relationship between brothers Trevor, Taylor, Lex, and Jason,
and the man who is holding them all captive in his special prison.

The Incest Slaves series takes place in the same universe of all X. Collin’s taboo stories. You will meet new characters, but you will also see lots of reoccurring characters from others series, such as Impregnated by My Brother, Alpha Twincest, and Sugar Daddy. And you will become even more immersed in the world of the sub-basement prison, the new warehouse where the prisoners and being trained, and The Dungeon—the BDSM club where the slaves are used on stage, sold to the highest bidder, or taken to private rooms to be used.

This bundle includes books 4-6 of the Incest Slaves series and includes themes of sexual slavery, sexual torture, sex as punishment, non-consensual acts, blood incest between brothers, imprisonment, BDSM, humiliation, and death.

This story has romantic themes but is not a romance.

About the Author

X. Collins writes dark, dirty, taboo, non-shifter omegaverse stories for those who like their mpreg extra naughty.

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