Incest mixed bag 10-pack

by Penelope Liksit

Pumping my daughter full of so much cum.../Hotwife, hot cousin, pussy/Uncle jackhammered my ass.../Mom uses son to teach daughter how to suck dick/Mom pegged me and jerked me off/I boned my daughter so hard.../Breeding my niece in a five star hotel room/Daddy I love you and I need you to fuck me bareback/Made to do porn with mom, dad and sis/Mind controlling mom and pimping her out


The first guy got behind her, grabbed hold of her hips and plunged himself into her fuck hole, an involuntary groan escaping mom’s mouth as his meat opened her up.
“Oh yeah your mom has a tight cunt. This is fucking value for money alright. A real fucking gangbang milf whore, here I cum…aaaaa!”
It was clear none of these guys were long stayers. He withdrew, and there was a nasty creampie leaking out from between mom’s pussy lips, as all the while she kept staring ahead with that blank look in her face. She had been told to gangbang and that was what she would do.
The next guy parted her ass cheeks and drove into her dirt-box, mom grimacing despite her hypnotized state. Was this her first time at anal sex? I didn’t know, but her fucker was in all the way, his balls slapping hard into her ass cheeks.
“Oh yeah your ass is tight, I fucking love a milf that loves anal, oh I’m cum deep in this shit-hole of yours!”


He slammed into her with a guttural roar, then withdrew. The creampie in her ass was now leaking out to join the creampie in her cunt, one filthy white ooze oozing into another.
The last man chose her cunt, slipping in with ease into that creamy hole, filthy squelching sounds now filling the night air. He lasted about five strokes before emptying himself. All these guys must have had real full pairs of balls tonight.


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