Incest, Forgiveness and Heaven

A 20,000 word incest novella.

by Lisa Smiles

Imagine a religion that wants you to have sex with your eighteen-year-old daughter, so you and her may feel Christ's forgiveness. If you know the Good News, you will know it makes sense! But what does it look like? Join police officer Finch and his cute daughter Maya as they drift down a path every Christian has one time considered: the path to Incestuous Heaven.

When traveling evangelist Max Hawkins pitches his big top on the outskirts of town, local cop Peter Finch knows to be worried. The Reverend is on a crusade to cure the nation of its sex addiction, but in every town where he has pitched his tent there is now a vice epidemic.

How can Finch investigate this when he is a porn addict himself and a chronic inhaler of his eighteen-year-old daughter’s stale panties? Hiding beneath a hat and wearing thick glasses at the back of the rally he is meant to be getting evidence to bring Reverend Hawkins to justice. Instead Finch is feeling aroused by the Reverend’s stories of sex and redemption. Finch has inside information about secret camps for newly converted fathers and daughters—oh how he would love to attend one! Meanwhile his own daughter and all her hot friends have just been converted. Duty is calling him to go deeper, and deeper, into the good Reverend's erotic religion.

Contains character and plot development leading to extraordinary taboo sex: anal, oral, daughter, threesomes, porn shoots, lesbian, roadside, sacrilegious, rough, dubcon, (religious) mind control... we're looking at quite a broad church of perversions.


“Can you do a quick prayer?” she asks me.

“Of course. Let me put my penis inside you first though, okay? You can’t ask forgiveness for something you haven’t yet done.” I’m having a good probe with my fingers. The muscles forming the walls of her vagina are firm but forgiving. “Oh god Maya. You’re so fucking slippery and tight!”

It doesn’t take much to locate her entry then go the full monte with my unprotected penis properly inside her. This is real incest, I’m guessing. It would be hard now to stand in court and deny it. It’s incest for my penis and incest for her sexual organs as well, letting down gallons of lube. I delve into her mouth for an aromatic indulgence then stop myself to say a quick prayer:

“Oh dear God, thank you, thank you, for this heavenly delight. Please forgive Maya and I, if this is a sin. Be with us now Lord. Be with me while I commit incest. Please note her age Lord, that she is eighteen.”


Who knows if I said the right thing, but I haven’t been a ten percent Christian for very long.  I don’t know everything that’s involved. But this is fantastic! That fuckin’ Hawkins cunt can come by this town any time he darned pleases. Here in the throws of building delight I can feel the whole city rising to an orgasm as well. There are unholy unions on every street, this hot steamy night.

“I’m sorry I haven’t had a shower all day, but Maya, how do you feel about having my penis inside your mouth?”

“What’s it like?”

“Didn’t you ever do it with that boyfriend you had?”

“Everything about that was a disaster.”

“I don’t even think we should try to have any sleep tonight Maya. I feel as though there’s so much I can teach you. That’s if you don’t mind all these lessons coming from your own dad?”

“There’s no one I’d rather.”

It’s time for the complete removal of both of our boxers. Her pubic hair is exactly as I imagined: soft and fair and gathered in tufts. Her pussy lips are shades of pink and tan against her white skin. That’s where I’m going, for a sensory drowning in the warm sweaty crevice of this girl’s groin.

“Oh Daddy, why haven’t we done this before?”

“You were too young. And we needed religion.”

“I love religion Daddy!”


About the Author

In their physical details, taboo acts can sometimes be no different from boring old honeymoon love scenes, but that's not my main focus. What fascinates me are relational details, or the way girls do their makeup, or the way incest is bass jumping compared to other sex that's just cricket. Why is that? It's precisely because of the fear. In the arts that fear is called The Sublime. You might feel it in your chest when you read me.

Please, reach out to me however you can. I want to work with you to provide unique reading experiences and valuable products that you will store and return to again and again.

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