The Incest Erotica 20 Pack Mega Bundle

Daddy Daughter Family Sex Mother Son First Time Rough Anal Sex Virgin XXX Bundle Short Story Collect

by Tori Westwood

'The Incest Erotica 20 Pack' features 20 steaming stories of taboo pleasures that are so naughty you'll need a quiet spot to enjoy them.  Including naughty alpha daddies, brat daughters, smoldering mothers and innocent sons.  Read about their forbidden family pleasures inside!

Featuring –

  1. Her First Anal
  2. Daddy Fucked My Ass
  3. Carwash Pounding
  4. Daddy My Ass Is Full of Cum
  5. Daddy, That's Naughty
  6. Outdoor Anal Fun
  7. Daddy Found My Buttplug
  8. Daddy and the Hot Tub
  9. Daddy Fingered My Butt
  10. Daddy's Body Search
  11. My Daughter Is A Stripper
  12. I Did It Inside Her
  13. Fucked On The Ferris Wheel
  14. Daddy's Cum In My Pussy
  15. Pumped Full of Daddy's Cum
  16. Mom's Pride
  17. Mom Took My Cock In Her Ass
  18. Nursed By Mommy
  19. Mommy's Massage
  20. Teach Me Mommy

“Ready for me?” he said, but before I could answer he’d slammed himself inside me.

“Owww,” I cried, loud enough that people on either floor might hear.

“It’s over now, baby,” Daddy said with his cock beating inside me.  “It’s all over now.”

The pain subsided soon and the reality began to kick in.  Daddy had just taken my virginity and his raw, unprotected cock was still sat inside me!

He began his first long, slow withdrawal and I closed my eyes to feel his cock ribbing its way along my virginal tunnel, driving it wider as he pushed back in and my pussy reclaimed him.

My wetness was like nothing it had ever been and it covered his cock completely within seconds, making his passing just that little bit easier until soon the rhythmic, reliable motions of his dick inside me were driving me wild.


I began to lose myself to his cock, pushing back on it a little before wildly meeting his advances, bobbing my head left and right and causing my hair to flay all around me like some wild animal as he fucked me hard in the elevator.

I was trembling now, my eyes closed tight as he fucked a terrific orgasm out of me and brought a hand round to cover my mouth and stifle my cries.

“Quiet baby,” he hushed, keeping his rhythm as our flesh clapped together in the elevator.  “Don’t make me put my cock in your mouth and shut you up again.”

He let go of my face and I bit my fist so as not to make a sound, then suddenly Daddy pulled my hair back and found another gear, driving his cock into me faster until my orgasm was in full force.

My pussy convulsed and squeezed tight on that cock of his but Daddy continued to drill me until it  was dripping with my cum, squirting out of me a little as my stomach clenched and Daddy pushed that cock inside me just a bit further.

I was gasping for air when he pulled out of me and left me trembling, quickly putting his face over my pussy and eating out some of my juices before sending his tongue up to my asshole.

The feeling of him ringing around it with the tip of his tongue was incredible and I never thought I’d wind up enjoying something like that.  It was amazing and Daddy wasn’t finished there.


About the Author

I write those dirty, taboo, incest stories that you have to read in secret.  The kind that get you hot and weak at the knees.  They're wrong, but oh-so right!
I enjoy writing them as much as you enjoy reading them, and I think that comes across in my descriptive, explicit style.
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