In His Daughter’s World : Anal Swap Incest 3

by Kimmy Welsh

After an argument with his daughter Gina, Ken finds that her wish for him to live a day in her shoes becomes all too true.  Whilst at works he’s shocked when his body begins to transform in to that of his daughter’s.  When he’s fully female he realizes the challenges that come with it, but soon he’s discovering that he’s been suppressing some long-held fantasies and now he has the chance to explore them.

Read as Ken has his first-time anal session at the hands of one of his younger-colleagues who’s fully convinced he’s taking Ken’s daughter.


Gary put a hand on Ken’s soft cheek.  “You shouldn’t try to do that,” he said.  “Just be yourself.”

Ken’s pupils fattened as he stared into Gary’s gorgeous eyes.  “Do you want to show me to the ladies’?”

Gary bit his lip.  “Sure.”

He took Ken’s hand and led him out of there.  Ken gripped the waist of his pants and skipped from the room, trying out his new dainty walk.  He’d never felt so comfortable before in his life, despite his baggy attire.

Gary gripped his hand and led him away.  Ken felt safe in spite of his new vulnerable body.

“It’s here,” Gary said, showing Ken the door.

Ken looked to Gary.  “You coming in?”

Gary looked around shiftily.

“Come on,” Ken said.  “I’m the only fucking woman here—you think someone is gonna interrupt us?”


Gary stepped forwards and this time Ken took his hand.  He dragged him into the restroom with him and tried not to think too hard.  He knew what he wanted deep down and in his new body he felt like he had the power to fulfill it.

Inside was like another world.  Ken had never been in the women’s toilets.  Compared to the men’s they were like the Taj Mahal—all mystical and clean marble-looking.

“What the fuck?” Gary said.  “I’m using the women’s from now on.”

“Don’t tell anyone else,” Ken said, but he agreed.  Should he ever find himself back in his own body he was definitely going to exploit the frequently vacant female restroom.

Ken was once-again shocked as he looked to the mirror and saw the face of his daughter staring back.  He had to keep reminding himself that this was his body, even though it suddenly looked decidedly female.  He hadn’t thought to check just how much of himself was female, but he’d be finding that out in a few minutes.  He certainly didn’t feel like he still had a cock.

Gary’s, on the other hand, was obvious.  Ken could see it begging for attention at the front of Gary’s overalls.  He was ready to go already.

“Now where were we?” Ken asked, and he put himself back against the bank of basins and let Gary come on to him.

“Around here,” Gary said, moving forwards.

This time he didn’t stop, pressing on until his lips were only a few inches from Ken’s.  Ken seized up with nerves.  He’d never kissed a man before.

“You okay?” Gary asked, noticing that Gina wasn’t herself.

Ken swallowed.  “Uh-huh.”

Ken moved the final few inches and planted his lips onto Gary’s.  At first he left them were they were.  His eyes stayed open and he stared at Gary as he closed his.  God, he was a fucking dreamboat.

Finally Ken surrendered to the moment.  He fell into the kiss, pushing his tongue against Gary’s and realizing how good it all was.  He could feel Gary’s stubble graze his soft skin as they embraced.

Gary’s hands started to wander and so did Ken’s.  He could feel his younger colleague’s hand go up under the back of his t-shirt to squeeze the small of his dainty back.

Ken was touching Gary’s chest and feeling his muscles.  It felt suddenly as though he had free-reign to do everything he’d always wanted but knew he shouldn’t.

“I want you,” Ken said, and Gina’s voice left him.

Gary pulled back and sparkled.  “Let’s do it right here.”

Ken bit his lip.  He could feel himself start to get wet, but that wasn’t what he wanted most of all.  Ken had always wondered what it might be like to fuck a man, and in every scenario he’d been a man himself.  He’d never imagined it might go in his pussy.  He’d always thought it would go in his ass …

“Take me, Gary,” Ken urged.


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