Impregnated My Mind Controlled Daughter At The Park

by Amber FoxxFire

I'd never seen my daughter act like this before. At 18, Shelia was all grown up. But instead of acting like a lady, she was acting like a slut.

Secretly, I didn't mind, but her mother was livid. The way she was coming on to me and draping herself all over me whenever she could, made things VERY uncomfortable in the house.

There was no doubt about it; something was going to have to be done.


I was opposed to the whole scheme at first. My wife - 18-year-old Bri's mother - wanted grandkids. Bad. Like, really, really bad.

As she was a bit too old to be getting pregnant herself, she naturally wanted - nay, expected - our daughter Bri to bear them for her.

She figured she owed her that much.

Of course Bri saw it differently.

Until - at my wife's insistence - I slipped a breeding pill into her drink one night.

Then shit hit the fan...

I really didn't know what it was, to be honest. I thought it was just a pill that would let her get better sleep. She'd been having awful nightmares and seeing the doc for them.

But that night, Bri caught me coming out of the bathroom and pinned me to the bedroom door and ravaged my body.

"Oh daddy..." She flung back her long, blonde, sexy hair, whipping her ponytail from her eyes. Her hands ran across my stubbly cheeks as her ice-blue eyes ravaged my body like I was a piece of meat.


"Bri?" I asked, trying to extricate myself from her embrace.

"Oh daddy...please..." She hungrily kissed me, her soft, sexy lips pressing needfully against mine as her body pinned me completely to the door.

"Bri? Honey, what's going on?" I asked her, alarmed at her sudden brash behavior. "Is something wrong?"

"No, daddy...I you and need you..."

"Well, I love you, too, but this is certainly not the appropriate way to show it.

"Yes it is, daddy." She grinned as she reached down and grabbed my throbbing crotch. She was wearing only the flimsiest, see-through t-shirt and hot pink panties. Nothing else.

Her alluring, sexy fingers slipped into the waistband of my shorts and she deftly gripped onto my daddy dick.

I tried to say something, but she snuck her tongue down my throat and French-kissed me like we were newlyweds.


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