Impregnated by My Daddy

by Amber FoxxFire

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My 18-year-old daughter called me, pleading for me to come over. Rushing over to my daughter’s hotel room in the middle of the night, I found that she’d slipped her husband a sleeping pill. Why? She wanted me to knock her up instead of her husband.

Boy, I’ll tell ya, pounding my newly-married daughter and impregnating her with my incestuous seed with her knocked-out husband right next to us was a trip I’ll never forget.


Within twenty minutes of her call, I banged on her door. It may have been after midnight, but that didn't matter one bit. If my baby girl was in trouble, I'd be there for her no matter what.

The moment she opened the door, however, I completely forgot why I was there. My very beautiful, voluptuous, 18-year-old daughter was standing before me in nothing more than her birthday suit, her eyes reddened from tears.

"Oh my God, daddy! I'm so glad you're here!" She threw her arms around me, inadvertently mashing her breasts to my chest. My dick twitched to life of its own accord in my pants.

"Honey, what's wrong?" I asked, looking around behind her when I finally got my voice.

She led me into the main room and pointed to the form of her husband passed out on the bed.

"It's him!" She spat.

"Oh baby, did he hurt you?" I asked, my hackles suddenly rising.


"No, daddy," she gently pushed my fists away. "It's just that..." She sat on the bed and bade me to sit next to her.

I hadn't smelled it before, but now I could. The air was ripe with her female scent and I'll tell you what, that scent was driving me crazy.

I hate to admit it, but my eyes were roaming all over my daughter's beautiful, naked form. Her breasts were just the right size to fit inside my hands, her green eyes seemed larger than life and her legs...God, her legs! I knew my daughter was tall - hell, she was on her high-school basketball team, but I'd never seen them go all they way up...

Wait just a minute. This was my daughter I was thinking about; my flesh and blood. She came from my wife's womb, for crying out loud!

Dammit, Jerry, get a hold of yourself, will ya? Your daughter is obviously distraught about something and you're staring at her —


Oh shit. My head suddenly snapped up. I'd been caught! Fuck!


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