Impossible Beasts 1: Destroyed By The Dragon’s Dick

by Amber FoxxFire

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Condemned to die in a fire because of her insatiable desire for sex, Heather is rescued at the last minute by a large, impossibly huge dragon who gives her exactly what she’s always craved:

The largest, thickest, most beastly cock she could have ever imagined.

The only question is how she’s supposed to fit it inside her. One way or another, the dragon is going to have his way with her and knock her up.


"Are you really searching for the biggest cock you've ever seen?" His growl sounded like the purr of a large cat.

"Yes. That's the reason why I got into trouble." She pressed her lips against his and he responded with such passion it melted her into submission.

He ripped her clothes from her body, making her smile at his dominance. She admired the way he took control.

"You're beautiful." He crushed her to him, bathing her face in searing kisses.

She moaned softly, allowing him to take total control. He'd take her the way he desired.

"My names is Claws." He ran his talons down her neck to her soft, supple breasts. His forked tongue shot out and danced across her hard nipples.

She told him her name.

He growled as he drew both of her large breasts into his large mouth and suckled them.

He loved their silky softness as he sucked on her sassy globes of womanhood. She was slender and so sexy that it drove him insane.


The fire in his loins flamed his blood.

His fingers slid down her soft body as she melted into him. She yielded to his masculine dominance as a woman should.

He could tell in her hazel eyes that she was begging to see his dick. It was all she wanted - no needed. No, she was like a bitch in heat needing his cock deep in her hungry cunt.


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