I’m Fertile. Dad’s Gone. Fuck Me, Bro!

BREEDING IMPREGNATION Brother Sister Incest Taboo Creampie Eating Bareback Taboo Erotica

by Amber FoxxFire

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I was horny and fertile and so very much needed something to scratch my inner itch. At that moment I didn’t care who it was - even my hot, sexy brother would fit the bill.

I didn’t give him a chance to say no. Not that he would’ve.

Now we’ve just to got figure out what to tell dad


Ever since I'd turned 18 last month, I'd been super horny, extremely fertile and broody.

Seriously, I was like a mama hen. I wanted nothing more than for a handsome man to stick his big, fat dick inside my fertile cunt and plant a baby in my womb. I didn't care who it was, I'd take anyone inside me.

Even my brother.

Especially my brother.

John was two years older than me and a God in my eyes. He was tall, lanky and full of good humor.

His wavy blond hair made my heart swoon every time I saw him. Whenever his deep blue eyes connected with mine, my pussy involuntarily clenched in orgasm.

It was like he had some kind of electrical device attached directly to my clit.

I can't count the number of nights that I'd dreamed about him. But, enough dreaming. Tonight's the night.


Dad had to visit Aunt Hilda at the hospital and said he'd likely pull an all-nighter.
The second the door shut and dad's car pulled out of the driveway, I brought John into the living room and instructed him to cover his eyes.

He got excited, thinking there was a present waiting for him. There was; just not the kind he was expecting.

"Okay, bro, open them." I smiled. The second my handsome brother opened his peepers, my whole, naked body convulsed in orgasm. God damn! How did he do that?

John stammered for a moment before regaining his senses.

"Uh, Clarissa? What are you --"

I didn't give him a chance to finish his sentence as I wrapped my arms around him and crushed him to me. His stiff lips soon warmed to mine and I rubbed my horny body all over his.

"What --"

"John," I said deep and low, "I'm only going to say this once. I'm fertile and I want your baby. Any questions?"


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