I Went On A Hike And Became Daddy And The Dog’s Bike! : Doggies, Daughters & Daddies 1

by Betsi Ality

Book Cover: I Went On A Hike And Became Daddy And The Dog’s Bike! : Doggies, Daughters & Daddies 1
Part of the Doggies Daughters & Daddies series:

The clothes come off on mine and Daddy’s hike, but that’s a problem that our Labrador Retriever Oscar doesn’t have to worry about.

When we come across the pool that we’ve been aiming for I can’t wait to take a dip and cool off.  Daddy insists that it’s much better naked and with no-one else around I decide to see if he’s right.

Oscar is beside himself with arousal and Daddy steps in to calm him, but now the two of them are stiff as the rocks we’ve been hiking over!  Read as I satisfy them both, taking Oscar’s length inside me while Daddy gets serviced by my mouth.


Oscar tried to stay calm, licking around his mouth and knowing that he was in trouble.  Daddy wasn’t calm though.  On his waist I could see that his cock had ballooned in size and it was now thrusting out with a thick vein going up its damp length.  It looked fucking good.

“You don’t do that,” Daddy said, letting go of the dog slowly.  “Sorry, Luce.”

“That’s … alright,” I said, mesmerized.

Daddy noticed where I was looking and he looked down too.  When he saw it he seemed just as surprised.

“Oh,” he said.  “Sorry about that, too.”

“Is that for me?” I asked.  “I mean, because of me?”

Daddy pulled a face.  “It might be.”

It felt like a privilege to be able to have that affect on him.

“What can I do about it?” I asked.

The mood shifted suddenly and Daddy looked to me.  “I can think of one or two things.”


“Is one of them”—I got to my knees slowly—“this?”

“That certainly came to mind,” Daddy said calmly, and he took a step towards me.

I stared forward at his big, delicious cock and then he took another step until it was within reach.

“If anyone comes we’re telling them you’re my girlfriend, okay?” Daddy said.

I laughed and nodded, but quickly turned serious again at the thought of touching his taboo length.

Oscar whimpered impatiently beside us as I brought hand out to touch that forbidden cock.

“God, Luce,” Daddy said the second I made contact.  “I’m not gonna regret this.”

“Me either.”

Steadily I started to jerk his length and the more I stared at his delicious packet the more I wanted it in my mouth.  I moved my head close to the glistening, pink tip and draped my lips over him gently, continuing to rifle the barrel.

Daddy let out a groan and took a hold of my hair, gripping it in his fist.  The pull of his grip at my scalp felt amazing.  He pushed me onto him and I took more of his cock in my mouth.

I could feel my pussy becoming wetter and Oscar must have picked up the scent, because soon his snout was pushing down the crack of my ass and his tongue was washing over me.

“Hey!” I chirped, taking Daddy from my mouth and giving Oscar a stare.

“Feel good?” Daddy asked.

I looked back up at him to see him raising an eyebrow expectantly.

“It … kinda does,” I said.

“If it feels good”—he shrugged—“do it.”

I took Daddy back in my mouth and Oscar was soon on me again.  This time I focused on his big wet tongue as it moved over and around me.  I found myself adjusting my stance so that Oscar could get in easier.

“That’s my girl,” Daddy said steadily.  “And good boy, Oscar.”


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