I Was A Depraved Father Who Needed My Daughter

by Amber FoxxFire

I was a sick man. I kept a sick secret buried deep within. But you’d never have known it looking at me.

On the outside, I seemed totally normal — boring even. I had a good job, I wore good clothes, I drove a nice car, and I had a smile which could put anyone at ease.

But behind the facade of a respectable middle-aged man lay a monster; a sexual deviant with an unhealthy appetite for the forbidden.

Behind my mask of respectability was someone who had a twisted desire and — even scarier — the power to act upon it.

I can remember the exact moment when I first got an erection from simply glancing at my daughter.

She had just turned eighteen-years-old and was visiting me for the weekend to enjoy a late birthday dinner.

Her mother and I had only recently divorced that summer, but everything was fairly friendly and amicable between us.

We never fought when it came to Debbie, and now that our daughter had come of age, she could visit me any time she liked.

On that occasion, however, something evil had taken hold of me. It was a moment from which I’d never be able to pull back from — a sick and twisted flashpoint when I realized that I wanted my daughter.

In ways a father shouldn't.

The second that I opened the door to let her in, my dick bulged in my pants.

It alarmed me, and took me by surprise, but I couldn't help it. The more I stared at my daughter, the harder and more angry my cock grew.

Debbie was wearing a tight vest top and tiny shorts. The shorts just about covered her peachy little ass.

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