I Said No

by Lita Gyle

Book Cover: I Said No
Part of the Family Whore series:

Eighteen-year-old Jillian is innocent until the night she catches her brother and his friends watching porno. They decide to make her the star of their own private adult movie, and they set about persuading the very reluctant virgin to take on all four of them at once.


She moved on, making it about three steps before a hand fastened around her upper arm. She looked up in surprise as Tyler grabbed hold of her and pulled her back toward him. "Let go of me."

She tried to jerk away, and his hand dug deeper into her arm.
"What's the rush, baby? We'd love some company."

She tried to pull away again, letting out a little shriek when Tyler picked up her petite frame basically under one arm and carried her back into the room. Her kicking and screaming provided no deterrent, and he just laughed when he dropped her on the couch more roughly than necessary. She glared at him as she sat up, but before she could get to her feet, Josh grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down to the couch again. "Knock it off. Sorry a interrupted your jerk-off session, but let me go. You've had your fun now."


Billy stood to her side, and his cock hung from his underwear again briefly before he finished peeling them off, along with his pants. "We haven't had our fun yet, Jillian, but we're going to."

As he stripped off his T-shirt, her gaze moved to her older brother, and she let her desperation show. "Jaden, make them stop this stupid crap."

With a shrug, he took a beer from the table and sat down in the spot he had occupied before, one that gave him a clear view of the action. "You weren't supposed to be here, brat. I guess you just have to deal with the consequences."

She glared at him, still not believing the guys were serious even as they stripped off the rest of their clothes, Billy trading places with Josh so he could strip naked as well, and someone could still hold her shoulders.

It wasn't until Tyler ripped open her dress, leaving the too-short garment in shreds around her, that she realized they were serious about this. She wondered if he would have even noticed her if she'd worn her usual outfit of jeans and a T-shirt or sweatshirt, instead of borrowing the sexy dress from Erica to sneak into the club and have a couple of drinks and flirt with older men. She had a feeling it wouldn't matter what she looked like or what she wore, since she'd had the bad luck of interrupting their masturbation session. "Please let me go," she said to Tyler, tears welling in her eyes.

"No, I don't think so. We've been talking about fucking you for years, Jillian, and tonight is the perfect time. Your parents are out of town, and no one else is expecting you. For the next few hours, you belong to us."


About the Author

Lita Gyle is a filthy girl with dark fantasies she loves to share with you.

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