I Ravished My Daughter But I Swear It Was An Accident!

by Deborah Cockram

It was the perfect little plan – I'd slip in after Becca had gone to bed, armed with my rope and gag and hood to cover her face (and a few other sexy little torment toys). I'd pounce on that tight, young sleeping body of hers, bind her, and then she'd be mine for the whole night. Don't worry, it's all in good fun – she and I have been sexting these little fantasies for weeks. Becca is my daughter's roommate, and we've had the hots for one another for months.

My daughter is supposed to be out of town for a few days so I did it, and it was glorious! I bound and gagged her and ripped the clothing from her body, then savagely ravished that little virgin. Never have I felt such ecstasy...until I realized I had made a horrible mistake. What I did next, though, may have been even worse...

About the Author

I'm Deborah Cockram, and I write all sorts of deep, dark and dirty erotica. Sometimes it's incest, sometimes bestially, occasionally with somewhat "dubious" consent, and other times it's just plain old hard and rough one-on-one (or two-on-one or three-on-one) sex.

Whatever form the sex takes, my stories almost always involve a wicked dose of bondage, sensual pain, and of course, the most depraved, carnal pleasure, all rolled up a single tale.

You know, the kind that all good girls (and bad boys) enjoy…

Because of content restrictions at many retailers, you'll only find my stories at Barnes and Noble, Excitica, some at Smashwords, and of course at naughtyerotica.org

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